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Before It's Gone
MP3 $1.99

03/18/2016 642610485701 


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03/18/2016 642610485701 


I reckon i first started recording this number back when mick flower was sequestered by the volcano. by that i mean his visit to the USA touring with MV & EE as part of the GOLDEN ROAD was extended when his flight home was delayed due to "nature". so we hung around in vermont for several days jamming some more/canoeing/barbequeing…i had a bunch of new songs lined up that were ready to seed so i showed 'em to mick at my home studio maximum arousal farm and we partied on for awhile with "before it's gone". the structure/vibe was there and we slung some hash, basically just letting the fingers do the walking while he sunned himself with the BIG riff. felt groovy…dude is a GREAT artist and i got to sketch with him. so over the next few summers i developed it. my good friend arbitrary signs spectre folk magik marker pete nolan had just moved up to the pioneer valley and i thought it would be cool to get together by having him guest on the tune with some background vocals. i went down and hung out in his fly by night home studio and we got it on. welcome to the hood! he's got such sweet mojo and no one ever really talks about his vocal zone, which i always felt was right there and perfect velvet side of gone. my kinda tone. speaking of killer harmony tone float, jeremy earl from woods was visiting on one of our many vermont high lodges together. there was a wigged north country moon up so i figured he'd be ready to howl along for new directions. man it was prime time love cry glow…i set up some mics, he did a magic take and then we did one together knowing the afterglow was deathless. that made me think of my life (a bit more than usual?) so shortly after i got together with my old high school buddy the "spanish wolfman". he and i played alotta music together over the years but we hadn't really jammed since the tower recordings. i thought it would be a hip idea if we could plant BIG in his dreamflower home studio garden…quite a fertile crescent. i leant him my rickenbacker bass that i used extensively when we first started playing together "back in the day" and not only did he shred, he dub deep grooved with vistalite THEN we discovered the marcasite vocal harmonies and golden bridge, one mic dually armed together with 12 string acoustic and fender electric xii. man the wolfman can bring it. we looked at this picture for a few more seasons and i gave it some tonebender and decided to holler at J mascis to BIG muff it at his deluxe bisquiteen home studio. J sweeeeeeetened with some dope priest and absolute next level honey vocal ribbon. we wrapped and lit it up, hope it shines a light for you too.  
future "tonite one night only MV & EE in heaven" it was my guitar excursions into the unknown with takoma as my guide. takoma is still my guide. this was a long time ago…even further back i was in a combo called the TOWER RECORDINGS…we did a 4 song split 7 inch on cock displacement, i just did a split single as a prelude to blazing grace…now i have everything. except an 8 track?  
* 3 songs, 2 non LP cuts from two UK 7 inches 
* much obliged to the great pop supplement & golden lab recordings


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