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Evening Colours
LP $20.65

03/18/2014 778578312718 

LION LP 127 

CD $15.50

12/24/2013 778578067120 

LION 671 CD 

***LAURENCE VANAY is the pseudonym for JACQUELINE THIBAULT, wife of music producer and musician LAURENT THIBAULT (MAGMA). The first ever reissue of her second album, originally released twice in 1975: a version on Galloway credited to fictitious English band GATEWAY, and once as a CAM label library LP—and incredibly rare in both incarnations. Pure genius: almost all instrumental, with gorgeous keyboards of many types (Hammond, Fender Rhodes, etc.), acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. Shimmering, dewy, mysterious, deeply emotional examples of melancholic musical beguilement; anyone with an affinity for golden age 4AD bands like the Cocteau Twins or Dead Can Dance will find much to love here. A devastating high-fashion follow-up to the legendary Galaxies. First ever reissue, remastered from the original master tapes. CD edition comes with 24-page booklet and ten bonus tracks. LP edition on 180 gram vinyl, with full color, four-panel insert. Both formats limited to 500 copies. 
"Since childhood, I improvised and composed songs and instrumental music... it seemed to me that music was the true language of emotions. It was with great difficulty that I managed to record the albums Galaxies and Evening Colours in very limited time with the means at hand, and with the help of faithful musician friends."—Jacqueline Thibault

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