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Nephew Melting
7" $7.75


TPR 60 

***Oakland’s VIOLENCE CREEPS aren’t ones to mince words and on their new single they hit their adversaries square in the throat. Now flanked with a new rhythm section The Creeps haven’t lost any steam. In fact they have plenty to blow because this is them at their angriest. Taking on a certain local mustachioed garage rocker on the A side, and Oakland’s influx of tech bros on the flip you can hear the seething hatred in AMBER's voice. Flanked by the spastic screeching guitar of SHRIMP RIPPER and the busy bouncy bass interplay you’ve come to expect from VC. This is them at their best and I hope the rumors that this is the end of the line are just that. 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.

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