Fecalove Void Chaos And Cum


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Label # BLAZE 005UPC 655035012520
Street DateOctober 2nd, 2012
Label # UPC 655035012520
Street DateSeptember 18th, 2012

While it’s only one of the many tentacles emerging from the vile meat-mass of Nicola Vinciguerra, Fecalove ranks as the most dangerous. The Italian filth-monger has been tormenting our eyes over the past several years with repulsive, provocative artwork under the Tisbor name, running the Italian division of the excellent Turgid Animal label, and puking up a steady stream of Fecalove cassette tapes and CDRs loaded with vicious sonic portraits of deviant sexual behavior and violence. Void, Chaos and Cum is the first Fecalove release for Crucial Blast, and it’s his heaviest, most violent material yet. Combining classic power electronics influences (particularly the primitive slime of early Mauthausen Orchestra) with brutal junk-noise assaults, searing electronic drones and sputtering hypnotic rhythms, Vinciguerra cranks up the bestial violence tenfold with a vocal attack more akin to the blood-gargling horror of death metal than the typical distorted rant ’n’ rave. That ultra-vicious energy transmits all kinds of blasphemies and hate-filled screeds, each track materializing as a blunt, blood-boiling excoriation of humanity at large or a euphoric celebration of gruesome perversion. Either way, it’s a blast. The latest release in the Crucial Blaze series of disc / zine sets, Void, Chaos and Cum is packaged in a clear DVD-style library case that includes a 20-page art zine, a set of three black and white mini-posters and a one-inch pinback badge. The album is limited to a hand-numbered edition of 400 copies.


  1. #1 Walking Toilet Bowl
  2. #2 White Boy 2011
  3. #3 Professional Disease
  4. #4 My Idea of Fun Is Nuclear Holocaust
  5. #5 Cock of Death - Cock of Nothing
  6. #6 Void, Chaos and Cum
  7. #7 Darwin II
  8. #8 Gone
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