White Fence (vol. 2) Family Perfume


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Label # UPC 655035019819
Street DateMay 15th, 2012

“Wake up. Write. Write. Record. Tweak. Write. Record. Swallow. Tweak out. Tweak. Bounce. Write. Wake up. Record. Sex? No. Sleep. Wake up. Record.  “I hardly have anything but this anymore.... I had 80 songs, then chopped it to 60 and now to 30. It’s a collection, and an album. I have some important things to say to myself. I’m a rock ’n’ roll soldier forever. I melt music. When people talk to me, I’m thinking about some song to do. I think I’ve been cursed. I have no say in the matter. A rainbow Vex. It’s OK though; it’s for the greater good.  “A song can make someone feel so good, or make someone want to write a better one. And sometimes, it could make you rob a liquor store. These are the songs of a man in a bag, and his blue pen.” —Tim Presley, January 2012


  1. #1 Groundskeeper Rag (Man's Man)
  2. #2 She Relief
  3. #3 I'd Sing
  4. #4 Real Smiles
  5. #5 Lizards First
  6. #6 It's Confusing when you wake up
  7. #7 Upstart Girls
  8. #8 Stomach Sexes
  9. #9 A Good Night
  10. #10 Latchkeys
  11. #11 Anna
  12. #12 Be At Home
  13. #13 Makers
  14. #14 Tame
  15. #15 King Of The Decade
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