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LP $20.95


BYM 038 

***It’s interesting the developments that VUELVETELOCA has taken since its founding nearly 10 years ago. When presenting their fourth LP, practically the only remaining that are left from that era are energy and good connection between pals DE IRUARRIZAGA and TOMAS OLIVOS, the founders and permanent members, carrying the flag of the band all these years. And while they continue to reinforce that connection, the band has managed to remade themselves dealing with their past adding the artwork of their former vocalist Gonzalo Laguna and in music going back to the garage sounds of the first album (BYM001). In that sense it’s necessary to recognize the contribution of drummer JUAN MANUEL GILI from DIAS DE CALOR, adding rhythm and cadence to the work of the guitars and vocals. With Pantera, Vuelveteloca's fourth album, the band manages to highlight and exploit its best attributes for a strong sound, coherent with their past and yet new. The 9 songs that make the record are able to combine passages of dark and heavy rock, agile rhythms and pop melodies in a space rock roller-coaster, redefining the party-rave vibe of the previous albums. The fuzzy guitars drives the sound better through an acid kaleidoscope, unleashing its full power and fury while leaving room for some vocal and synth arrangements.