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LP $18.95

08/27/2013 616892136149 

JPR 025 

***“This record is a document of what happens when MATT CAMERON, JANET WEISS and ZACH HILL—three of the most remarkable drummers of late period rock & roll, whose collective roll call of bands—PEARL JAM, SLEATER-KINNEY, HELLA, QUASI, SOUNDGARDEN, WILD FLAG, DEATH GRIPS—have had a heavy impact on all levels of rock & roll from full blown arena rock to the radical fringe underground, set up together in a room & just commence to EXPLODE. it’s very possible to pick out what each of the drummers is doing at a given time (they are given distinct areas within the stereo spectrum), and zoom in on action/reaction, call and response, time games, shifting levels of synchronization and de-synchronization, repetition and pattern…it’s all there if you want to dissect it. But eventually I found that simply relaxing into the sound, riding the contours of energy, density, movement, was probably the most rewarding way of listening to this music. At this level, the experience is deeply calming, as the sound becomes a river, sometimes roaring in a torrent, other times opening up to reveal subsurface details, but always moving, flowing…people spend all day watching rivers flow by like this, maybe pretending to try & catch fish.” (STREET DATE - 8/27/2013)