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Power In One


Power In One

LP $20.95

09/24/2013 751937420811 


***THE WIPERS Power In One became the last final Wipers recordings. Recorded in 1998 by GREG SAGE, all tracks were recorded through vacuum tubes. “As with every Wipers LP I would spend many months observing people and their situations to get ideas of what was in their mind and their motivations. This was always where the inspiration would come from for our songs. I would get a glimpse of the future by doing this and it was easy to write songs that would make sense 10 years from then. The Wipers songs and sound has always been a reflection of real life. I would look for raw and powerful emotions to write about, things that would bring a sense and illusion of realism, this would make our LP's more personal to the listener. I got so many songs from just walking the streets of Portland and watching people”—Greg Sage (The Wipers). Limited to 1,000 copies. Street Date - 9/24/13