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CD $13.00

07/26/2024 843563176672 

PFL 318 CD 

LP $22.00

07/26/2024 843563176665 

PFL 318 

MP3 $7.99

07/26/2024 843563176689 

PFL 318 CD 

FLAC $8.99

07/26/2024 843563176689 

PFL 318 CD 

Like black wings from an obsidian sky, Wormwitch descended from the darkness in 2015, somewhere upon the rain-soaked woodlands of coastal British Columbia. Animated from the bones of several local punk and metal bands, the new entity set out to combine a melodic blackened death assault with the ferocity and attitude of crust punk and classic rock and roll, jettisoning the burdens of ceremony and pomp that dominate the genre today.

Wormwitch released their first demo, The Long Defeat, in 2015, and shortly after signed to Prosthetic Records, under whom they released Strike Mortal Soil (2017), Heaven That Dwells Within (2019), and Wolf Hex (2021). During that time the band toured with the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Midnight, Necrot, Uada, Bewitcher, and many others, earning themselves a dedicated cult following and international critical praise. In 2022, Wormwitch struck out to independently release a string of singles and embark upon several tours of North America. After a busy festival season, 2024 saw the release of a six-song split with Atlanta black-thrashers Sadistic Ritual.

Now, with blades meticulously honed and tempered under the light of a feral Canadian moon, Wormwitch emerges once more to offer their fourth full length record. Simply self-titled, Wormwitch is a statement of a band coming into it’s own—a revelrous celebration of devilish speed, searing melody and diabolical intensity.


  1. #1 Fugitive Serpent

  2. #2 Envenomed

  3. #3 The Helm And The Bow

  4. #4 Inner War

  5. #5 Godmaegen

  6. #6 Salamander

  7. #7 Wormsblood Necromancy

  8. #8 Bright And Poisonous

  9. #9 Draconick Sorcerous Canadian Witchknights

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