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LP $15.00



***"Dread seems to be an appropriate title for YITH's new record as that is the feeling that you get when listening. You get that feeling of dread right before you are lowered into the cold damp ground. Yith plays a blasphemous brand of blackened doom and they do a great job of mixing the two together giving both genres plenty of room to breath and shine on their own when it’s needed and more often than not both doom and black metal shine through together to create an unholy and terrifying sound. With both doom and black metal the sound that is created is one that is dense, raw, dark and unforgiving and once you press play you get surrounded in abysmal clouds of darkness. Throughout this release and throughout each song, Yith does a great job of creating a bleak atmosphere that encapsulates you. The atmosphere that they create is one that is dismal, unforgiving and leaves you feeling isolated and not only that but there is a certain quality about it that draws you in even more. As dark and twisted as it is it is mesmerizing all the same and if the music itself doesn’t hook you and keep you along for the ride the atmosphere certainly will. Yith takes advantage of their longer run times as well which gives them more time to grab a hold of you and provide you with a dark and ever looming listen.  
Each of the seven songs on this record are well crafted and filled to the brim with raw riffs, pounding drumming, heavy bass lines and dissonant larynx shredding screams. The only “break” that you get from it all is at the halfway mark and at the very end of the record, other than that you are constantly being bombarded by sinister blackened doom. There isn’t a moment on this release that isn’t filled with harrowing sounds even when the interlude and the closing track play. Dread is an album packed with exactly that and even more as well which provides you with an interesting and mesmerizing listen as well.  
Dread is a huge record that provides you with all of the doom and gloom and even more that you could possibly want. At times it is a slow burning record and at others it is a blistering soul scorching one as Yith provides you with plenty of content and variation to keep you interested and listening all throughout. All throughout this record you get submerged in bleak bitter darkness and coming from a band that plays black metal and doom that’s exactly what you want to hear and that’s what you come to expect.  
Overall, this release is a solid one and it provides you with a ton of content packed in only seven songs. Dread is raw and unrelenting as it rolls song after song without giving you too much room to breath. The overall sound is solid and the production is solid as well and with that put together with dismal atmospheres and great musicianship you get a listen that doesn’t leave your mind in a rush."—Cadaver Garden

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