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Of Misery And Toil

Young Livers

Of Misery And Toil

No Idea
LP $16.00

04/27/2010 633757026513 


CD $13.00

04/27/2010 633757026520 


***“It is with a collective sigh of relief and with fists held high that we announces the new YOUNG LIVERS record has been born unto the world! Rejoice! Propulsive, relentless, dark, driving! Dueling guitar leads, monolithic howl! As much as they want me to mention the first Crue EP, I just can't do it. Thin Lizzy, I'll mention! Deep melodies, soaring despair, cryptic journeys, all wrapped in a twisted, anthemic sense of hope, buried under the weight of life and crushing riffs! Undeniable and immediate!”—No Idea. Touring May with Leatherface.

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