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Love Across Light Years by Elrond


Love Across Light Years
Accident Prone

***ELROND is VERN AVOLA (AVOLA, EMS, DEAD, BEAR SPRAY, ex-PRIZEHOG, etc.) and IAN GORMAN WEILAND (ex-ANTECESSOR, HOT VICTORY, MISTY MOUNTAINS). The duo uses '90s hardware and analog synths to channel otherworldly energy, creating harsh, beautiful soundscapes and melodies that explore ideas of love, friendship and space. Love Across Light Years is a sonic adventure in synth worship that feels like the soundtrack to an alien invasion amidst the apocalypse, except the goal of these extraterrestrial beings is to anoint this electronic duo as captains of their ship, calling aboard all who wish to follow, blasting off into space for the ultimate end-of-the-world dance quest. For fans of Oneohtrix Point Never and Tangerine Dream. First edition of 330 copies each pressed as a unique one-of-a-kind color variant. Beautiful artwork by Avola. Includes a download.

LP $15.50


AP 040 

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! A split release between heavyweights HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE / CAUSTIC TOUCH / DANIEL MENCHE / EMS. In early 2016, the artists on this record played together at Portland, Oregon's High Water Mark Lounge. Throughout the months that followed the artists grew closer, and continued to play together in a variety of configurations and acts. ANDREA K (Caustic Touch) asked AARON TURNER (ISIS, SUMAC) if he would be interested in to join in a 4-way split release she and Accident Prone records had been planning. Arron signed on with FAITH COLLOCIA as House of Low Culture and brought in friend Daniel Menche. VERN AVOLA (EMS) was brought in and the record was born. Despite having recorded separately, the tracks on this split flow together as though the album had been written and recorded as a collaboration. The result is a beautiful, haunting and extraordinarily cohesive assemblage of experimental noise. First edition of 500 black vinyl copies and 200 cassettes.

LP $15.50


AP 032 

MC $10.50


AP 032 MC 

***BACK IN PRINT!!!  VICE DEVICE (VDV) is the distillation of a musical collaboration between Portland, Oregon’s ANDREA K and BOBBY KALIBER. Frequently performing multiple instruments in tandem, Andrea and Bobby layer pulsating synth melodies with charged vocals, and split the responsibilities of drumming by each performing percussion with one hand. Lurching bass lines are intertwined by DEVIN WELCH to complete the band’s distinctive sound. Through reductive experimentation with analog synthesizers and live electronics, Vice Device create a raw and dynamic soundscape without the use of sequencers or backing tracks. One of the few, if not only, solo female minimal synth artists around today, Philadelphia's VOID VISION (VV), helmed by SHARI VARI, creates elegant, dystopian tracks. Her sound can be described as melancholy, yet danceable, with charging bass and drums, dizzying, lush melodies, and masterful programming that is almost baroque in nature. She is a child of the Wierd world, who draws listeners in with a powerful, haunting voice that masks a sharp sardonic wit. Vari is joined by violinist ALISON MINNICK for live performances.

CD $7.75


AP 028 CD 

LP+CD $14.75


AP 028 

Songs From Under The Floorboard Vol. 1 by V/a


Songs From Under The Floorboard Vol. 1
Accident Prone

***From truly humble beginnings—believing it would simply be a show documenting the origin years of post-punk (1977-1983) that DJ DAVE CANTRELL lived through in San Francisco and London—radio show Songs From Under the Floorboard on Portland's XRAY FM very quickly evolved onto one of the world's premier sources giving focus to the hyperactive, current-day post-punk synthwave and darkwave scen across the globe. From that weekly blast has come Songs From Under the Floorboard Vol. 1, a compendum featuring rare and exclusive cuts from ten US and European bands. This is the first of a yearly series benefiting LBGTQ and fem-fronted service organizations—this initial release residual profits being funneled to Planned Parenthood. Features tracks from SHADOW AGE, ANNEX, PERRALOBO, OTZI, VICE DEVICE, GOLDEN APES, GHOST NOISE, SCULPTURE CLUB, BERNAYS PROPAGANDA FEAT. MIKE WATT, and FOREVER GREY.

LP $22.95


AP 034 

The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth by Cave Bastard

Cave Bastard

The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth
Accident Prone

***San Diego-based metal quintet CAVE BASTARD—comprised of members of CATTLE DECAPITATION, GUTROT, RITUAL TORTURE, BRIDGE JUMPER, TREMBLAD, and others—unleash their debut album. Three and a half years in the making, the dark vision of Cave Bastard combines the band's bleak imagery and outlook with devastatingly brutal riffs and earth-moving rhythms, which set the tone for a voyage into the apocalypse. Recorded and mixed by BILLY ANDERSON.

LP $20.95



CD $9.25



***BACK IN STOCK!!!  BLK OPS formed from the magma of the Austin, Texas metal scene in late 2015, comprised of CHAMP MORGAN (ex-KILL THE CLIENT) on vocals, noise, and theremin, MARK KEY on guitars and backing vocals, and NEIL BARRETT on drums, samples, and live visuals. Forging a path to a terrifying new sonic landscape drawing from noise metal, doom, grind, and otherworldly audiovisual hallucinations. From beneath the slabs of the subterranean suburbs of San Diego emerges society's scum: CAVE BASTARD. Heavy, apocalyptic, and loud, the band was formed in 2014 by TROY OFTEDAL (ex-CATTLE DECAPITATION, PIGLIFE) and NICK PADRON (ex-BRIDGE JUMPER) out of a love for everything heavy and loud. They proceeded to search out the rest of the bastards needed to execute their vision of sonic devastation, soon adding rhythm guitarist CHASE FERGUSON (ex-Bridge Jumper), vocalist STEVE PEARCE (GUTROT, RITUAL TORTURE), and drummer STEVEN REED (AGE OF COLLAPSE). The band began writing and honing their tone, creating a massively destructive soundscape in preparation for the coming of The Bastard. Edition of 200 copies on black vinyl. Includes a download.

LP $20.95


AP 030