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In A Fung Day T! by Duchess Says

Duchess Says

In A Fung Day T!
Alien 8

***Since 2001, DUCHESS SAYS have been spreading the gospel of the influential and mysterious Church of Budgerigars.?! Their learned mix of hypnotic rock and saturated keys, concocted by PHIL C., ISMAEL and SIMON SAYS, is delivered by A-C, a sermon laden with the teachings of the novice Mère-Perruche.?! In order to better contextualize their message the four acolytes of the Ch.?! O.?! B.?! released a first long player in 2008, Perchoirs.?! Since then they’ve unleashed a number of pagan celebrations: SXSW, le Festival d’été de Québec, Nuits Sonores, Dour, Osheaga, Primavera Sound, Eurockéennes and CMJ, to name a few.?! They’ve also played in a slew of nasty basements and other joyous venues.?! In 2009 Duchess Says opened up for Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ UK tour.?! The congregation has prayed the three Ts; now it’s time to reiterate.?!

LP $12.00

10/25/2011 777078919311 


CD $8.00

10/25/2011 777078919328 


***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Fool, Redeemer is a semi-collaborative split release between PICASTRO and NADJA.?! Having toured together and shared a stage many times in the past half-decade, the two bands finally release something together.?! Nominally a split album, with side A featuring tracks by Picastro and side B a sidelong track by Nadja, Fool, Redeemer sees members of both groups contributing to each other’s songs.?! And a certain mutual influence seeped into the compositions—Picastro’s dark folk appears at the beginning of Nadja’s track “Venom,” and Nadja’s trademark drone / dirge tendencies lend a heavier, noisier edge to Picastro’s songs..?!

CD $8.00

10/25/2011 777078919120 


Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Inner Space by Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Inner Space
Alien 8

***Anyone who has ever witnessed ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE live has more than likely heard them perform “Pink Lady Lemonade.” It's a staple of their live sets and has been released in various forms over the years on of now out of print releases.?! It is offered here for the first time in double vinyl and single CD editions.?! While “Pink Lady Lemonade” is a single piece of epic proportions, it comes off more like a very cohesive full-length recording, as the tune is broken down into four separate movements.?! The record's first movement runs for about 30 minutes and introduces the album's central motif, a mesmerizing and repetitive guitar riff.?! The track eventually dissolves into a particular jazzy section that has the band frantically freaking out somewhere between ragtime and Sun Ra.?! This jazz-inspired section ends rather abruptly after just under six minutes, yet it's enough to radically alter the previous vibe and prepare oneself for the third movement.?!

2XLP $24.15



Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone by Unicorns


Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
Alien 8

***REISSUED ON PINK VINYL WITH GATEFOLD SLEEVE !!! The Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone album from magical Montreal pop explosives the UNICORNS.?! Thirteen tracks of lo-fi-rooted pop experimentalism, delivered with irresistible melodies, a morbid sense of humor, and beautiful vocals..?!

LP $20.65



CD $7.80

02/27/2007 777078902320 


Pink Lady Lemonade - You’re From Inner Space by Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

Pink Lady Lemonade - You’re From Inner Space
Alien 8

***Anyone who has ever witnessed ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE live has more than likely heard them perform “Pink Lady Lemonade.” It's a staple of their live sets and has been released in various forms over the years on of now out of print releases.?! It is offered here for the first time in double vinyl and single CD editions.?! While “Pink Lady Lemonade” is a single piece of epic proportions, it comes off more like a very cohesive full-length recording, as the tune is broken down into four separate movements.?! The record's first movement runs for about 30 minutes and introduces the album's central motif, a mesmerizing and repetitive guitar riff.?! The track eventually dissolves into a particular jazzy section that has the band frantically freaking out somewhere between ragtime and Sun Ra.?! This jazz-inspired section ends rather abruptly after just under six minutes, yet it's enough to radically alter the previous vibe and prepare oneself for the third movement.?!

CD $8.00

04/05/2011 777078919021 


Liminoid / Lifeforms by Baker, Aidan

Baker, Aidan

Liminoid / Lifeforms
Alien 8

***While Alien 8 Recordings has had the pleasure of releasing three full-length albums by AIDAN BAKER’s ambient doom project NADJA, as well as his collaborative effort FANTASMA PARASTASIE with TIM HECKER, this marks the label’s first solo release with the artist.?! Although Liminoid/Lifeforms is considered to be a solo effort, there are in fact no less than eight guest musicians helping out on the recording.?! These include Canadian noise legend KNURL, as well as members of ARC, PICASTRO, FOREST CITY LOVERS, and WHISPER ROOM.?! Liminoid is a composition for large ensemble exploring sonic immersion in drones and textures, rhythms and pulsations.?! Incorporating composed and improvised segments, the piece uses elongation of sound and layered polyphony in an attempt to create a liminal and/or numinous state.?! Lifeforms is a composition for strings, prepared/effected guitar, and amplified metal works.?! Both works feature vocals.?!

CD $8.00

02/09/2010 777078918727 


Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six by Blessure Grave

Blessure Grave

Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six
Alien 8

***Founded as a duo by T.?! GRAVES and REYNA KAY in September 2008, BLESSURE GRAVE blurs the lines between the goth, post-punk and neo-folk genres.?! The pair has since developed the project into a full band while building a cult-like following, scattering various vinyl and tape releases on boutique labels around the globe.?! Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around.?! The music initially appears rather simple, but quickly reveals the fact that the songs are fully fleshed-out and genuinely memorable.?! Perhaps what is misleading at first is that the recordings sound as though they were created in some kult black metal band’s dungeon for maximum fog-at-dusk fidelity.?! CD version includes four tracks lifted from their debut 12-inch EP Learn to Love the Rope, originally released on Captured Tracks..?!

CD $14.00

02/09/2010 777078918826 


Red Mass / Duchess Says by Duchess Says / Red Mass

Duchess Says / Red Mass

Red Mass / Duchess Says
Alien 8

***Back in 2008 Alien 8 released the long awaited debut by DUCHESS SAYS Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs, and while they are getting set to begin working on their sophomore effort, this will be the first new music available from the band in quite some time.?! For their side of the single Duchess Says have taken a step back from the electro-punk sound of their debut and shoot for a much more straight-ahead post-punk / no wave approach that nods in the direction of the segment of those movements that was based out NYC in the early ‘80s.?! The track, “Your Blowing My Mind,” has become one crowd pleasers of the band’s live set and also features the guest vocals of ROY VUCINO of RED MASS.?! Red Mass is a relatively new band assembled from the ashes of CPC GANGBANGS, and also including members of lesser-known bands such as BLACK FEELINGS, CHOCOLAT, DEMON’S CLAW, GHOST LIMBS and HOT SPRINGS.?!

7" $4.50



Black Feelings by Black Feelings

Black Feelings

Black Feelings
Alien 8

***BLACK FEELINGS are the essence of a power trio: each member of the three-piece exhibiting a great deal of power while the whole remains balanced.?! Conisisting of two former members of Montreal’s LES ANGLES MORTS, the band has developed a unique a hybrid of the British post-punk and experimental scenes that spawned the likes of This Heat, Gang of Four and the Pop Group with heavy traces of psychedelic-goth and cold wave.?! Like American band The Liars, Black Feelings’ penchant for combining a variety of influences to conjure up a sound that is both retro and vitally fresh at the same time.?! The band’s main vocalist and drummer OWAIN LAWSON is kept busy as he sings and holds down the rhythm section alongside fellow founding member and bassist BRIAN MITCHELL, while the sound is rounded out with shimmering guitar and synth flourishes provided by KYLE FOSTNER..?!

LP $10.00

10/13/2009 777078918512 


CD $8.00

10/13/2009 777078918529 


***Back in May 2006 Alien 8 baptized the emergence of the Montreal’s energetic party machine THINK ABOUT LIFE with the release of their self-titled debut.?! Here they are three years later with their sophomore effort, Family.?! This time around the trio is as off-the-hook as ever, but since they dropped their debut they have polished their sound, without losing their edge.?! Three years is a long wait but multi-instrumentalist GRAHAM VAN PELT has been busy with his other band, Polaris prize nominees MIRACLE FORTRESS.?! Family is broken-toy disco rock, served funky, like a big friendly bowl of sugary breakfast cereal.?! Upon a base of hearty synths and sweaty drums these tunes bubble with '80s pop guitar licks and are bedazzled with meta-marshmallows of electronic drones and glitchy samples.?!

LP $17.50



CD $7.00

10/13/2009 777078917829 


***The latest in the Untitled series from Spanish avant-garde musician FRANCISCO LOPEZ.?! Using source material culled from a dozen or so recent Hollywood blockbuster films, Untitled # 180 is perhaps Lopez’s most playful and humorous release to date.?! While it features his trademark swells, bursts of pure sound, and extended periods of silence, there is also a predominant electroacoustic feel to the sound.?! A mind-bending juxtaposition of silence and extremely dense sound that leaves an impression similar to the works of composers Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott..?!

CD $7.00

11/07/2006 777078916426 


Think About Life by Think About Life

Think About Life

Think About Life
Alien 8

***The debut album from Montreal party starters THINK ABOUT LIFE.?! Led by multi-instrumentalist GRAHAM VAN PELT, the band unleashes energy-loaded pop songs, riddled with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.?! Were handpicked to support Wolf Parade on their 2005 Fall tour..?!

CD $7.80

05/01/2006 777078916525 


Ardent Fevers by Tanakh


Ardent Fevers
Alien 8

***The fourth Alien 8 album from TANAKH, and a continuation of the band’s foray into the world of psychedelic pop.?! While this most recent work bares some resemblance to the band’s Villa Claustrophobia and Dieu Deuil albums, it treads more in the sounds of ‘70s rock, resulting in an album less precious, and closer to the band’s live sound.?! Eleven lush compositions..?!

CD $7.80

04/17/2006 777078916327 


Starless And Bible Black Sabbath by Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

Starless And Bible Black Sabbath
Alien 8

***The third Alien 8-released album from Japan’s ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, finds the band paying tribute to Black Sabbath.?! Two epic tracks—the first of which is a slowly evolving mound of heaviness that nods to Sabbath, as well as Melvins and Zeni Geva; the second, is a more krautrock sounding affair with the band taking influence from Hawkwind’s more pop-oriented period.?! Cover art features a beautiful reworking of the artwork on Black Sabbath’s first album..?!

CD $7.80

02/21/2006 777078916228 


Giggles In The Dark (remixes) by Lesbians On Ecstasy

Lesbians On Ecstasy

Giggles In The Dark (remixes)
Alien 8

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! A collection of remixes from the debut album from Montreal-based electro-dyke powerhouse LESBIANS ON ECSTASY.?! Seven bumpin’ tracks featuring remixes by LE TIGRE, SCREAM CLUB, 1-SPEED BIKE, DJ AI, SEAN KOSA, TRACY AND THE PLASTICS, and KIDS ON TV..?!

CD $13.75

02/07/2006 777078805621 


***The fourth album from always evolving Montreal quartet SHALABI EFFECT—SAM SHALABI, ALEXANDRE ST.?! ONGE, ANTHONY SECK, and WILL EIZLINI.?! Recorded live over three consecutive evenings during the band’s recent residency at the Montreal Arts Interculturels Institute, the album features the best of the performances and showcases their knack for improv and experimental electronics.?! Includes the 13-minute epic “Out Of The Closet,” a challenging piece that combines horror movie sounds, minimal electronics, groaning vocal effects, and drones.?! For fans of Animal Collective, Acid Mothers Temple, and Popul Vuh..?!

CD $7.80

11/15/2005 777078916129 


***A journey in free improvisation from the trio of WILLIAM HOOKER (drums and percussion), LEE RANALDO (guitar, audio collages, effects), and GLENN HALL (tenor & soprano saxophones, flute, piccolo, bass flute, bass clarinet, and percussion).?! Recorded live at the Tralfamadore in Buffalo, New York, September 2001, the album features nine tracks of varied styles and sounds that run from psychedelic freakouts to traditional bop.?! Includes a magical version of Sonny Rollins’ “Blue Seven” among the album’s many highlights..?!

CD $7.80

11/01/2005 777078915924 


Dinosaur Dinosaur by Books On Tape

Books On Tape

Dinosaur Dinosaur
Alien 8

***The latest release from Los Angeles sonic manipulator and self-described “beatpunk” TODD DROOTIN under his BOOKS ON TAPE moniker.?! On Dinosaur Dinosaur, Drootin incorporates a myriad of stylistic shifts over a foundation of unorthodox grooves.?! Fourteen stellar tracks..?!

CD $7.80

10/18/2005 777078912442 


***KISS ME DEADLY is a Montreal-based quartet that has progressed from an early Dischord-influenced emo/math rock sound to an epic, deeply melodic, danceable style of music.?! Their sophomore album is brimming with intoxicating pop that blends the anthemic power of rock with dance music.?! Ten songs strong..?!

CD $7.80

10/03/2005 777078805720 


Orbiting With Screwdrivers by Mecha Fixes Clocks

Mecha Fixes Clocks

Orbiting With Screwdrivers
Alien 8

***MECHA FIXES CLOCKS is the brainchild of founder and principle artist MICHEL F.?! COTE, and features an incredible ensemble carefully chosen from Quebec’s vibrant Musique Actuelle scene.?! Seven tracks of cinematic, ambient improvisation performed with a wide array of instrumentation.?! Reference points might include Rachels, Boxhead Ensemble and film composers Ennio Morricone and Edgar Varese..?!

CD $7.80

07/25/2005 777078805027 


Blank Field by V/a


Blank Field
Alien 8

***A program of experimental music curated by FRANCISO LOPEZ for the Cité des Ondes event organized by Champ Libre in Montreal (September 16-23, 2002).?! Includes six extended tracks from MERZBOW, DANIEL MENCHE, MANON ANNE GILLIS, MICHAEL NORTHAM, OREN AMBARCHI, and SHUNICHIRO OKADA.?! All tracks recorded live at the Craig Pumping Station in Montreal, September 2002..?!

CD $7.80

07/25/2005 777078805324 


Live In Montreal by Lopez, Francisco

Lopez, Francisco

Live In Montreal
Alien 8

***A live recording and the fourth Alien 8 offering from Madrid, Spain’s FRANCISCO LOPEZ.?! Live in Montreal commences very quietly as a barely audible hiss, which proceeds to build in intensity until falling back to silence before advancing to the next piece—which takes on a more scary and sinister shape.?! Drones, percussive passages, tape-stretched choirs, and more.?! Limited edition..?!

CD $7.80

05/30/2005 777078805423 


Electric Heavy Land by Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

Electric Heavy Land
Alien 8

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Tokyo's total-cosmic freak unit AMT returns with their most groove-heavy album to date.?! Three extended head-blowing tracks of heavy-loaded stoner rock and psychedelic discharge packaged in a custom cardstock double gatefold sleeve—sorry, no naked women and flying saucer art this time around..?!

CD $13.50

05/09/2005 620675157528 


Sings The Reigns Rebuilder by Set Fire To Flames

Set Fire To Flames

Sings The Reigns Rebuilder
Alien 8

***BACK IN STOCK!!! SET FIRE TO FLAMES is a collective of thirteen musicians including members of GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!, FLY PAN AM, HRSTA, HANDED UP, and UNDO, and there is no doubt the music here bears some resemblence to those contributing members.?! Brooding, lush, beautiful, haunting, haunted, skillful, stunning, all that shit.?! Godspeed you black flames..?!

CD $13.50

05/09/2005 620675137971 


Par Noussstouss Les Trous De Vos Cranes by Et Sans

Et Sans

Par Noussstouss Les Trous De Vos Cranes
Alien 8

***The long awaited Alien 8 debut from Montreal’s ET SANS—members of FLY PAN AM, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, SET FIRE TO FLAMES, SHALABI EFFECT, and A SILVER MT.?! ZION.?! Four extended tracks that seamlessly blend experimental pop with vintage post-industrial dance and elements of 1970s Krautrock..?!

CD $7.80

04/12/2005 777078805225 


***The debut album from this Montreal-based electro-dyke powerhouse LESBIANS ON ECSTASY.?! Twelve tracks of electro punk, stunning pop, techno, and metal flavors, delivered with politics, aggression, and a sexy mix of retro-futurism.?! Recorded at Montreal's freak-rock epicenter, Hotel2Tango..?!

CD $7.80

11/02/2004 777078805126 


Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo by Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad

Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo
Alien 8

***The sophomore full-length from Montreal's petrochemical rock danger-seekers LES GEORGES LENINGRAD.?! Twelve tracks of electro-punk skronk-and-scree, hammered with PONEY P.'s jarring yet captivating vocal delivery, MINGO L'INDIEN's electronics and guitars, and BOBO ROUTIN's precision drum destruction..?!

CD $7.80

10/12/2004 777078804921 


Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou by Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad

Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou
Alien 8

***A reissue of the self-released Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou album from Montreal's most notorious post punks.?! Described as a three-headed monster who perform "petrotechnical rock," the band pushes the post-punk envelope with their own blend of demented electro-noise-punk, augmented by their own invented language.?! Previously featured on two Rough Trade/Mute compilations.?! Includes a bonus track not featured on the original release..?!

CD $7.80

05/18/2004 777078910219 


Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings by Soft Canyon

Soft Canyon

Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings
Alien 8

***The debut Alien 8 release from this charged Montreal-based psychedelic rock combo forged from the ashes of TRICKY WOO.?! A blend of classic psych styles and sounds that recalls the Laurel Canyon days of Van Dyke Parks, Jack Nietzsche, and Neil Young; Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother-era; elements of The Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers; and the recent sear of groups like Royal Trux and Acid Mothers Temple.?! Beautifully packaged in a custom glossy gatefold card stock jacket..?!

LP $7.50



CD $7.50

08/19/2003 777078900821 


Animal Magnetism by Merzbow


Animal Magnetism
Alien 8

***Another stellar album from Japanese sound experimentalist and noise music king MASAMI AKITA's MERZBOW—his fifth release on the Alien 8 label.?! Five extended tracks that blend Akita's passion for guitars and the more rhythmic elements of progressive rock and metal with his love for animals—in this case, Akita adds recordings of his own pet chickens with mind-bending results.?! Dense layers of ambient noise and percussive elements.?! Packaged in a custom designed gatefold sleeve with artwork of the chickens that appear on the record..?!

CD $8.00

08/05/2003 777078900128 


Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static by Set Fire To Flames

Set Fire To Flames

Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static
Alien 8

***The highly anticipated follow-up to 2001's Sings the Reign Rebuilder album from Montreal's 13-piece muscial collective, SET FIRE TO FLAMES.?! Divided into two albums—Telegraphs In Negative and Mouths Trapped In Static, the release is a haunted, intense and highly diverse collection of material.?! Continuously shifting off on tangents, its slow sprawl creeps from heartbreaking guitar melodies to sparse string compositions; concrete flickerings and modified machine-crunch to tranced-out kraut-ish rhythm pieces; cyclical minimalism to awe-filled drone spaces; free-flowing improvised skitter and spark to raw location/life recordings.?! All of it beautifully played and composed..?!

2XLP $19.95



2XCD $14.50

04/22/2003 620675158327 


***A brand new album from one of Montreal's most prolific artists SAM SHALABI, and a protest record about Arabophobia in the post-9/11 world.?! Employing over thirty of Montreal's finest players, Shalabi delivers a powerful five-track blend of progressive hard rock, psychedelic pop, blissful ambience, and experimental and improvisational sounds..?!

CD $7.50

03/25/2003 620675158228 


Abandon All Words At A Stroke... by Haino, Keiji

Haino, Keiji

Abandon All Words At A Stroke...
Alien 8

2XCD $11.00



Beautiful Blood by Menche, Daniel

Menche, Daniel

Beautiful Blood
Alien 8

***The awaited new album from North American sound experimentalist DANIEL MENCHE, and one of his most accomplished recordings to date.?! An insanely powerful and unusual drone-based music composed of richly layered sounds of different instruments and field recordings, that allow the listener to pick up on new sounds and subtleties with every listen.?! Ambience, noise, the whole damn thing..?!

CD $7.50

01/08/2001 620675158129 


***The debut full-length release from Montreal "harsh pop" behemoth PHILIPPE LAMBERT.?! Constructed mainly with voice-based sounds, processed loops, primitive drum machines, and toy instruments, Lambert fuses elements of pop, noise, psychedelia, Balinese and Kraut-style movements, techno, and trance.?! Packaged in a glossy digi-pack with full-color artwork done by Lambert when he was a child..?!

CD $5.00



***BACK IN STOCK!!! The third strike from these Montreal sound expanders led by MOLASSES member SAM SHALABI.?! While still driven by Middle Eastern influences, psychedelic guitars, Moog, and stand-up bass, this effort puts more emphasis on pop melodies and structure than the band's previous two..?!

CD $7.50

01/08/2001 777078904423 


***Montreal improv giant SAM SHALABI (A SILVER MT.?! ZION, DETENTION, MOLASSES, SHALABI EFFECT) returns with a new album dedicated to German historian Walter Benjamin.?! In an effort to highlight his compositional skills, Shalabi enlisted a dozen local musicians, set them free, and then spliced and diced their playing into three unique pieces of his own.?! A beautiful, flowing, and occasionally chaotic blend of piano, bowed bass, flutes, percussion, distorted voice samples, and sounds..?!

CD $7.50

01/08/2001 620675137964 


Dieu Deuil by Tanakh


Dieu Deuil
Alien 8

***The second album from folk renaissance pilots TANAKH.?! Integrating improvisation and songwriting, the band captures the particular gentleness of the 1970s-era folk psychedelia of John Martyn, Tim Buckley, Fairport Convention, and Pentangle, mixes in some lush arrangements, passionate vocals, and sing stories of loss, hope, and transcendence.?! For fans of Pelt, Six Organs of Admittance, the group's Alien 8 labelmates, and American folk heroes..?!

CD $7.50

01/08/2001 777078904522 


***The third Alien 8 release with American singer/songwriter JESSE POE's project TANAKH.?! A mysterious album of shifting drones and textures primarily built from sounds created from bulk piano wires run from floor to ceiling at the Pyramid Institute where the album was recorded, and with a handmade instrument created from a busted-up piano that fell from a moving truck.?! Featured on this album are PAT BEST (PELT), VIA NOUN (BEVEL), PETER NEFF (TULSA DRONE), PHIL MURPHEY (BROKEN HIPS), TOM BRICKMAN (RATTLEMOUTH), and JEFF KRONES (WCKRSPGT)..?!

2XCD $7.80

01/08/2001 777078804822 


***Canadian electronic composer DAVID KRISTIAN returns with his fifth Alien8 release, and continues to experiment in the cinematic sound style of his previous Tacoma Narrows Bridge recordings.?! A mix of dense ambient movements and very subtle low-end minimal beats layered with field recordings.?! Packaged in the style of a gatefold double-LP, with two pockets opening on the outer edges..?!

CD $12.00