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Repeat #4 Aka Desert Plants And Scooter In Carport by Soft Shoulder

Soft Shoulder

Repeat #4 Aka Desert Plants And Scooter In Carport
Alien Summer / Gilgongo

***40 minutes of junk-kraut offered as two side-long tracks from Arizona’s Soft Shoulder. “Warbled Practice” catches the group as a trio: working on the basic structure of a new song in a Tempe warehouse, recorded direct to malfunctioning cassette deck. “Large Group in Close Quarters” was recorded live December 2016: a one-time 8-piece line-up playing a scattered tape-noise, reed-squeal, triple-bass rendition of the same song (which had already arrived at home as a single sided test press) featuring members of Warm Climate, Sleep Money, Sunn Trio, Humiliation, Chandails and Waytansea Point.

LP $10.00


AS 05 

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07/21/2017 647603398631 


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07/21/2017 647603398631