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Basura Tesoro by Grimas


Basura Tesoro

***Stories from the perspective of a stray dog. You don't need a GRIMAS biography, listen to the lyrics and you will hear the story of his life. Grimas has benefited from loyalty and been betrayed by those once considered loyal. Grimas walks a lonely path but never walks alone thanks to the companions he has met walking the streets of the world. Grimas does not ask for help to survive life, Grimas takes what is necessary to live with his dogs. Grimas is not afraid to attack its enemies as soon as it sees them. Grimas refuses to be chained, no matter how pretty the chain is. Grimas doesn't mind sleeping, because Grimas doesn't know what dreams are. Grimas does not dream because GRIMAS knows what he wants and does not stop until he achieves it. Grimas urinates on private property because he does not respect it. Grimas loves to smell asses, if it's dirty it's better! "You might get lost in a trance experiencing Grimas live post-punk grimy synth dark perreo shows, but don't overlook the lyrics that give voice to the spirit of a precious rebellious anarco dog."—mama china

MC $12.00

06/30/2023 724087675509