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***CIRCULAR KEYS is the product of PHILLIPA O’SHEA and DENNIS SANTIAGO (EUCALYPT, ABOSULTE BOYS). Based in Melbourne, the duo explore apparently endless possibilities with their limited arsenal—voice and guitar. Santiago’s guitar work opens new doors within an instrument that has already seen centuries of exploration, and he executes these moves with an infinite sense of grace and ease. O’Shea pairs perfectly with these ideas, sending her wandering melodies deep into the haunting landscape. From underwater grottoes to cosmic showers, Circular Keys use sound as a method of exploration like no other.

7" $11.25

11/19/2013 0680569417794 

BSR 039 

***“Sonically, ANGEL EYES is both airborne and barren: alarmingly spacious and eternal. That album conjures images of worlds, kingdoms and landscapes with totally foreign colour schemes and an abundance of space. The dread I mention isn’t one of imminent danger but instead a kind of Lovecraftian lack of comprehension—of having a tiny hint at something bigger than you, something you will never know.”—Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace. Australian import.

LP $20.65


BSR 032 

***SUPERSTAR make ‘floating music’—dirges, urges; glistening, pastoral sounds; super slow & soft. The duo’s first LP presents the smooth and sweet distillation of the glazed melodies and free-range textures that have slowly matured over the band's five year history. Already at work on a second LP and numerous independent releases, the duo’s live show is a selection of fortified classics and fresh weaves—a truly high-sheen touch to an evening of quality living. Australian import.

LP $20.65


BSR 036 

Melting Upwards by Knee Chin

Knee Chin

Melting Upwards
Bedroom Suck

***“Melting Upwards” is KNEE CHIN at their most anthemic and direct, to the extent that listeners would be forgiven for warping this into their own cattle and/or cane! This band play a central role in the wave of new music spewing out of Brisbane, and this is the single that captures them at their best. Australian import.

7" $11.25


BSR 020 

***Debut 7-inch from Brisbane weirdo punk kids LOOSE GRIP, who sport members of KITCHEN’S FLOOR, PER PURPOSE, and others. “These guys don’t wear shirts in public and have crappy tattoos and walk around their houses in the morning with their dicks flopping around, eating cereal with full fat milk. They smoke bongs habitually, and they play fast American sounding hardcore music, practicing sporadically. They spew after they drink a lot, and they love the feeling of it. At least one of them doesn’t know their real father.”—Brendon Annesley, Negative Guest List

7" $11.25


BSR 019 

Implicating More Than One by Per Purpose

Per Purpose

Implicating More Than One
Bedroom Suck

***On their follow-up to 2010′s Heil Progess, PER PURPOSE get grown and play songs that last a little longer. Six songs on this record too, but this time they had to fit on a 12-inch. Go figure. Australian import.

LP $20.60


BSR 026