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***BACK IN STOCK!!!  Big Stick's recordings resonate among a wide cross section of so-called "alternative," rock, pop, punk and industrial music enthusiasts—their new Christmas release proves it's still difficult to pigeonhole or categorize Big Stick down to one particular genre of the various music scenes.   Big Stick's John Gill says, "I honestly never thought I'd write a Christmas song, but I felt compelled to share the story of what happened to me at the age of five. There was even a photograph taken (featured on the record cover) to prove the slightly humorous, though somewhat heart warming childhood story, of the day when my folks took me to the local shopping mall and I wound up sitting on what was a visibly 'Sauced Up Santa's' lap." Hence, the title track "Sauced Up Santa" that's featured in both regular and extended versions on this, Big Stick's first ever Christmas-themed EP release. Gill adds, "When the photo of me sitting on an extremely inebriated shopping mall Santa's lap surfaced in my family photo album many years later in my life, I simply had to write a song about it. I activated my memory banks to recall that distant December day of my childhood and put it into song." The song isn't a derogatory diss of the intoxicated Santa, rather, it's more of a song expressing grace, forgiveness and humility, highlighting the fact that despite Santa being “sauced up,” he was still as friendly and jovial as his alcohol-affected faculties...

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Much Of The Best Of Big Stick by Big Stick

Big Stick

Much Of The Best Of Big Stick
Drag Racing Underground

Big Stick are chuffed to announce that their new Drag Racing Underground record label, in conjunction with Forte Music Distribution, are releasing a special Much Of The Best Of Big Stick album. A long playing collection of “classic” Big Stick selections, along with three tracks taken from the band’s soon to be released new album, LP. Limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl. There’s a total of fifteen songs on this collection. The “classics” include “Drag Racing” (of John Peel’s Box fame) “I Look Like Shit,” “Jesus Was Born On An Indian Reservation,” “Billy Jack Paddy Wack,” “Devil’s Jukebox,” “Hoochie Koo Time,” “Bianca Blast,” “California Dreamin’,” “Hokey Pokey Girl,” “Scum Rooky’s Cafe,” “I Live The Good Life,” and “Black Cow.” The three brand new tracks picked from their upcoming album which the duo believes worthy of including are “Rascal,” “Metaphysical Speaker” and “Calamari Co Co Butter.” The mindful packaging of this collection includes a retrospective collage of Big Stick photographs and images, both past and present, along with photos of Gill’s and Trance’s art and sculpture work and detailed liner notes describing curious facts and trivia related to the duo and the fifteen different featured songs. Aiming to serve in acquainting those not familiar with Gill’s and Trance’s somewhat off-the-beaten-path brand of musical undertakings, while also providing long overdue satisfaction for those who do know of Big Stick and have been waiting ever-so-patiently for something like this to finally spin on their turntables!

LP $19.00

07/26/2019 5060446123195 

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It’s been fifteen years since Big Stick’s last proper record release. That’s an even longer period of time than some winged cicada bugs take to rise from the deep depths of earth and sing their noisy repertoire of songs. Their dynamic duo of John Gill and Yanna Trance are pleased to finally have a new album’s worth of material to share. This new release is simply titled LP. It’s a long playing collection of Big Stick selections cultivated over several years. This release is a joint effort between Big Stick’s new Drag Racing Underground record label and Forte Music Distribution. Gill and Trance performed most of the vocals and instrumentation on the album’s fifteen tracks. Some of their musician friends appear on select songs. Much of the recording was done at their own studio, using a vintage Otari MX-70 16-track analog tape machine. Big Stick are self-produced. Gill plays guitar and keyboard. Trance performs percussion, bass, and keyboards. Both of the duo write and compose.  This new album includes a retrospective collage of photographs and images, along with photos of Gill’s and Trance’s artwork as well as liner notes describing curious facts and trivia related to the duo and the featured songs. Both formats include a special bonus Some Of The Best Of Big Stick EP CD with ten “classic” Big Stick tracks.

LP $19.00

08/16/2019 5060446123218 

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07/05/2019 5060446123201 


Amazing! To announce the launch of their own label Drag Racing Underground, Big Stick are reissuing their first single from 1985. All four original tracks remastered, recut and packaged in repro sleeves.  RSD 2019 release


04/13/2019 5060446123188 

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