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Epicurean Escapism by V/a


Epicurean Escapism
Epicurean Escapism

***The episodic track by Swedish industrial trio IRM is constructed with elements from Indications of Nigredo (Segerhuva 2008), Order4 (Cold Meat Industry 2010), and Closure (Malignant 2014)—unified into a new, holistic composition which contrasts aggressive noise segments with illusionary moments of lavish quasi-folk. The track by JOHN MURPHY’s KRANK is a dark collage of fragmented noise, acoustic samples and female vocals. ERIK JARL (of IRM) contributes a subtle piece of circulating drone with a tranquil surface that makes partially hidden harshness more audible. ANENOME TUBE and HUMAN LARVAE’s lucid piece combines the knock-on effect of the former’s flow of sounds with the heaviness of latter’s doom-like industrial. The ninety-two-minute DVD by IRM’s MARTIN BLADH includes his earliest short film Pig and Tomboy (2005), the epic pentalogy Cycle (2006), and the conceptual installation video DES (2009), among others. All the films present unvarnished set pieces of the human body subjected to subtly implied violence within claustrophobic spaces, where the camera itself, the voyeuristic eye, is the only free player. The accompanying art catalogue includes collages and Polaroids, short essays by Bladh, and introduction text by CARL ABRAHAMSSON. Edition of 350.

CD+DVD $30.35

12/16/2014 2090504037099