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***Part fantastical historic sonic biopic, part anthropologic journey into the deep roots of Belgium's monstrous cosmic rock sound, this wholly individualistic concept album combines the lead members of the mighty COS (Daniel Schell and Pascale Son) with studio genius Alain Pierre (Ô Sidarta), Des Morts and celebrated Dutch progressive rock singer Dick Annegarn, for what many consider to be both the overlooked hiding place of Belgium's deepest psychedelic moment and European prog's lost map to the "Franco-Flemish Boom". Emerging from the wider musical family that counted Marc Moulin , Placebo , and Marc Hollander amongst its creative kin, Daniel Schell's most profound conceptual project ambitiously combines the tale of the heroic historical figure of Count Egmont (1522-1568), while simultaneously tracing the evolution of the ud, or oud, ("the grandfather of the guitar") in this multifarious hallucinogenic epic. Featuring key members of other collectable groups such as drummer Felix Simtaine from Solis Lacus and bass player Jean-Louis Baudoin from the mythical Classroom (COS predecessor), this best-kept secret vinyl release also harbors the voices of Dirk Bogaert (of Belgian hard rockers Waterloo ) as well as Catalan singer Ilona Chale (Marc Hollander/ Aksak Maboul ) before her later tenure as the COS front woman. Initially released in 1978 via Zeuhl school distributors, Free Bird, alongside French pressings of Don Cherry , Jacques Thollot , and CAN , it is plain to understand the niche nature of this maligned "lost COS" LP as it finally blooms from between the cracked branches of European...

LP $34.25

07/07/2023 5060099507922 

FKR 115 LP 

Des Morts (Of The Dead) by Pierre, Alain

Pierre, Alain

Des Morts (Of The Dead)
Finders Keepers

***Expanded reissue of mega rare 1979 unknown vanity pressing LP that blends ethnological field recordings, musique concrète principles, and introspective synthesizer music from this cult European studio maverick and historic collaborator of COS, Philippe Druilet, Marc Moulin, and John Surman. Alain Pierre's Mondo movie soundtrack to the controversial Des Morts shares very few stylistic rivals, but fans of Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain soundtrack and some of the more eldritch early sampling experiments of Jean-Pierre Massiera will certainly draw fragmented comparisons herein. Other listeners might file this album at the weirder end of your Smithsonian Folkways shelf, just before the Video Nasty soundtracks. Presented in remastered form comprising extra vintage studio outtakes (in accordance with the films morbid narrative), Des Morts serves as a would-be sequel to Finders Keepers' previous Ô Sidarta release witnessing Pierre balance his allegiance to the Belgian bandes dessinée scene and Thierry Zéno's shock cinema oeuvre from the heart of his uber-legendary Brussels based experimental recording studio through the 1970s. Presented in remastered form comprising extra previously unreleased vintage studio outtakes. Edition of 750.

LP $35.25

05/05/2023 5060099507885 

FKR 114 LP 

***Wipe your blade clean. The bloodline of Eastern European kosmische and groundbreaking, grinding cinematic psych rock finally emerges from fifty years of forbidden forestland to fill your thirsty grails. Poland's prime progressive provocateurs Andrzej Zuławski and Andrzej Korzynski finally expose the jagged roots of Possession and The Silver Globe and give the devil his due via this historical vinyl release. If an opening strapline that reads "Forget everything that you thought you knew about the history of psychedelic rock and horror movies" appeals to you, then further potentially hyperbolic phrases like "Lost Grail" and "Banned Forever" will surely clinch the deal, leaving the hugely significant wider context of this dream come true release surplus to requirement. But as we hope you have come to expect from Finders Keepers releases "The devil is in the detail" and the fact that any mention of the perpetually elusive original master tapes to a 1972 project entitled Diabeł and the phrase "Holy Grail" have become synonymously associated only adds the twisted irony that surrounds this genuine masterpiece of both aforementioned fields. For those fastidious enough to pursue the hunt, these unearthed recordings represent the crowning glory of the lifelong unison of maestro Andrzej Zuławski and filmmaker Andrzej Korzynski, two genuine mavericks of Polish experimental cinema who challenged artistic and societal norms, on both sides of a politically restricted regime and on an international artistic stage, without compromise. Friends since childhood, Korzynski and Zuławski may have become divided by limelight and geography (Zuławski the intrepid...

LP $34.45

03/24/2023 5060099507748 

FKR 112 LP 

Der Wurger Vom Tower by Spoerri, Bruno

Spoerri, Bruno

Der Wurger Vom Tower
Finders Keepers

***There's a devious religious sect underneath the Tower Of London which consists of some of the most greedy and powerful men and women in the world! The plot of this obscure Soho-based German thriller perhaps feels more believable during today's political climate than it did when it was released back in 1966, taking diehard fans of Edgar Wallace paperback adaptations on a slightly more macabre and mystical journey than they had come to expect. What is perhaps less believable is the almost "criminal" fact that this films unheard spooked-out jazz score by one of the most innovative European players and composers has spent almost fifty-five years locked away. For those who thought soundtracks and conceptual cinematic records like Mad Monster Party and The Vampires Of Dartmoore were unrivalled in there phantasmagorical micro-genres, well the time has come for the original "jazz electronicien" Bruno Spoerri and the Finders Keepers archivists to unleash thick plodding bass lines, mind-bending percussion effects, wayward electric organs and breakneck European jazz to the loneliest part of your record library.

LP $30.45

11/18/2022 5060099507663 

FKR 110 LP 

***The first progressive girl group of the French Occitan language pop scene bring you folk funk, sun-baked bossa, Coltrane jazz and their own brand of punky "Dizco Rural" against an untouched French Balearic backdrop spanning the late '70s and '80s. If even the most assiduous of European record collectors consider the Occitan language music scene to be France's best-kept secret then it's as fair to say that the incredible multifaceted recordings of langue d'oc prog girl group Lei Chapacans has spent the last four decades hiding in plain sight. For those who are familiar with the rare and sought-after one-off solo album by Occitan singer Miquela and have craved for more, then you've come to exactly the right place. Lei Chapacans (a name that roughly translates to "The Vagabonds") is the all-girl vocal group assembled by Miquela herself just two years after her debut release, having toured the world and snubbed major label record deal offers with a steadfast allegiance to the protection of the Occitan language in which this album is primarily penned and performed (minus a small amount of German and sarcastic English in one rebellious instance). For European collectors with a penchant for French savoir faire, but have further yearnings for folkloric femme funk, then it's time to look towards the Occitan sunset where you will meet Lolo, Miquela, Sophie, Irena, and Denise. These amazing, and undeniably culturally important recordings might have taken some time to find a wider audience, but for music lovers, crate diggers and...

LP $34.45

10/14/2022 5060099507830 

FKR 113 

La bete noire / Paris n'existe pas by Vannier, Jean-claude

Vannier, Jean-claude

La bete noire / Paris n'existe pas
Finders Keepers

***Finders Keepers Records present both the hallucinogenic orchestral music to Robert Benayoun's Paris n'existe pas (1969) and the rhythmic onslaught and cyclic waltzes from Patrick Chaput 's La bête noire (1983) complete with an extensive booklet of essays, interviews, secrets, and rare images from both of these mythical cinematic obscurities. From deep in the vaults of the Parisian composer, Jean-Claude Vannier finally liberates two previously unreleased and fabled film soundtracks that mark significant milestones in the career of this legendary composer and his close connection to the French free jazz scene. Comprised on this one vinyl disc you will find the only existing original historic recordings to his first ever 1968 collaboration with Serge Gainsbourg as well as the entire lost musical score for Vannier's first major star-studded solo film commission.

LP $34.45

09/30/2022 5060099507625 

FKR 109 LP 

Midnight Massiera: The B-Music of Jean-Pierre Massiera by V/a


Midnight Massiera: The B-Music of Jean-Pierre Massiera
Finders Keepers

***Eighteen sacred psychedelic suppositories from the laboratory of Mad Scientist and scalpel happy pop mutilator Jean-Pierre Massiera . Including the rarest and most sought-after fuzz funk, spooked surf and interplanetary prog from "The French Joe Meek" and all his schizoid split-personalities and freakish friends—The Maledictus Sound, Chico Magnetic Band, Visitors, Human Egg, The Pirhana Sound, and Jesus himself.

LP $34.45

08/05/2022 5060099507762 

FKR 022X LP 

***Finders Keepers presents this uber-rare soundtrack to a film that never existed, performed by an imaginary pop group. Incredible Polanski inspired German hip-hop psychsploitation beats from 1969. You couldn't script it... You are nineteen minutes and twenty-two seconds in to your peak-season cruise around the kraut-schlock peripheries. To say the trip has been an eventful one would be an understatement—you don't know what to expect next and your 12"x12" Germanic tour guide has proved quite unreliable thus far. As your diamond tipped vessel maneuvers through the grooves of your ninth horrific attraction (entitled The Soaked Body ) the soundtrack awkwardly becomes background music and you are overcome with the sound of gushing water... "Help!" you think sarcastically, the music, or is that muzak, is drowning! This is the movie soundtrack to a film that never existed. This is the movie soundtrack by the band that was never requested. These were the sound library musicians who had to invent their own clients and imaginary cast, crew and plot to get their music heard, by a niche audience, before floating deep into the depths of the rare record reservoir gasping for breath. To take a cinematic cue the record in question is the Eurotrash pop equivalent of Jean Renoir 's tragic/triumphant Boudu character who as a homeless, confused, and desolate down-and-out plunged to the depths to be unwillingly rescued, resuscitated then after gradually winning the hearts of an entire family becomes respected and revered as royalty. Over twenty years after the mad...

LP $34.45

07/15/2022 5060099507793 

FKR 019X LP 

Thai? Dai! - The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung Underground by V/a


Thai? Dai! - The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung Underground
Finders Keepers

***Fourteen slabs of the heaviest Thai funk and psych rockers ever committed to vinyl. The styles featured on this compilation fall somewhere between luk thung ("song of the countryside") and luk krung ("song of the city"). Bangkok was a melting pot for the evolution of these two genres, the former alluding to musical themes and lyrics aimed at the wider national population and the latter looking westward with a more urban audience in mind. Thai? Dai! collects experiments by both little-known groups and established figures like Plearn Promdan. Even within Thailand the majority of these tunes remain unissued outside of this compilation, making this a truly essential glimpse into the strange underbelly of Thai luk thung in all its unique, original, and outlandish glory; a small snapshot of an otherwise forgotten era, gloriously remastered from the original sources and officially licensed from the original label, Sound of Siam Co. Ltd. Includes performances bySroeng Santi; Plearn Promdan; Rung Petchburi; Rung Fah Puping; Petch Burapa;Teungjai Bunpraruksa; Riem Daranoi; and Jalwal, Annie & Geerasak.

LP $34.45

05/20/2022 5060099502859 

FKR 044 LP 

***Back in 1968 a pair of Germanic behind-the-scenes sound librarians called Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek left a tiny, but indelible, pinprick on the history of German pop in the misshaped form of a sexy horror cash-in concept album called Dracula's Music Cabinet. Shelved at a micro-cosmic axis where krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrortica and easy listening meets psychedelia the delayed reaction of this mutant concoction eventually exploded in the mid-1990s in the hands of a generation of "record diggers" sending currency-crushing tremors through the wallets of mods, rockers, hip-hoppers, psych nuts and kraut kompletists around the plastic-pillaging planet. The vinyl junkies had resurrected a monster, but, like addicts do, they ravenously sucked it dry and moved on looking for the next fix to feed their habit. Luckily for some, Ackermann and Thusek were also creatures of habit. And it wouldn't take a genius to figure out that they were holding the next dose, but by the turn of the millennium the mad scientists had been given a thirty-five-year head start on the pop archeologists and their mythical sequel was literally light-years ahead of their previous Draconian installment... Encouragingly the unclosed cabinet left a shiny white clue in the form of its closing track "Frankenstein Meets Alpha 7"... Perhaps space was the place. Always read the label. The Ackermann and Thusek duo were far from dynamic. They were undercover agents hiding behind user-friendly mock-rock monikers and, like most B-musicians, the only way to sniff them out would be to read...

LP $34.45

05/20/2022 5060099507816 

FKR 024X LP 

(Vol. 2) Strain Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List by V/a


(Vol. 2) Strain Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
Finders Keepers

***After years of mythology, misinterpretation, and procrastination Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton finally chooses Finders Keepers as the ideal collaborators to release "the right tracks" from his über-legendary psych/prog/punk peculiarity shopping list known as The Nurse With Wound List. Volume Two focuses exclusively on individual tracks of German origin—the country whose music forged the prototype of the NWW inventory in the form of his secondary school vinyl want-list in the early 1970s. Features Wolfgang Dauner, My Solid Ground, Association PC, Fritz Müller, Exmagma, Anima-Sound, Tomorrow's Gift, Out Of Focus, Brainstorm, Thirsty Moon, Gomorrha, and Brainticket.

2XLP $33.50

04/08/2022 5060099507540 

FKR 108 LP 

***After decades in the making, Finders Keepers present the first-ever pressing of SERGE GAINSBOURG's most elusive and coveted soundtrack studio recordings, co-written, arranged, and orchestrated by the genius JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER (the arranger behind 1971's Histoire De Melody Nelson) during what many consider to be the dynamic duo's most definitive creative period. Believed to have been lost in a studio fire by Gainsbourg enthusiasts for over forty years, the misplaced master-tapes for the drug-fueled/Mai 68 cash-in/road-movie Les Chemins De Katmandou (1969) have been widely considered the final audio jigsaw piece in an immaculate discography/filmography, thus earning this soundtrack bona fide holy grail status amongst the most avid disc detectives. Featuring the original crack team of Paris based players now recognized as French library music royalty, this album epitomizes the inimitable musical direction and expert psychedelic pop musicianship that graced classic Gainsbourg/Vannier soundtracks like La Horse (1970), Cannabis (1970), and Sex Shop (1972), the sound that laid the stylistic, future-proof foundations for subsequent decades of forward-thinking Gallic funk mastery. The music on this record contains the full extent of the music found on the newly discovered studio tapes. It has since been preserved through the "baking" process, re-emulsified, transferred, remastered, and recompiled and sequenced in accordance with the original screenplay in close collaboration with Finders Keepers and inaugural artist, Jean-Claude Vannier.

LP $30.50

12/08/2017 5060099506642 

FKR 100 LP