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***NAKED BEAST started as a literary vehicle with CRIME members HANK RANK and others backing up a series of readings JOHNNY STRIKE gave in San Francisco with cut-up tapes, distorted guitars and old timey sound effects under the name REMOTE VIEWER, and later as Dr.?! D.?! Strike met MICHAEL CAMPBELLl​, a local artist who also worked in soundscapes and found sound.?! Another Crime later member JOEY D'KAYE came aboard to pick up a second guitar, synthesizers and theremin.?! With ROGER STROBEL on bass the gang morphed into Naked Beast.?! The group developed new material, but kept some of the spoken word, as well as the experimental spirit.?! After various mishaps, setbacks, illnesses, name changes etc.?! the band finally, after two years, got down to business in the summer of 2014 and recorded their album.?! Produced by Rank's son GEORGE S.?! ROSENTHAL at The Complex in San Francisco.?!

LP $15.50


GAB 005 

CD $7.25


GAB 005 CD 

***”‘I don’t wanna be part of the network!’ sings ERIC ‘SIR LORD VON RAVEN’ JOHNSON on his sophomore album, The Age of Machines.?! The eponymous track (a bona-fide rock n’ roll luddite anthem) echoes an anti-tech sentiment present in much of his work to date.?! His band, which uses the abbreviation SLVR, has a minimal online presence (no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and he’s even resisted getting a cellphone to this day.?! By avoiding such modern distractions, the venerable Lord Raven has had ample time to craft on of the most authentic and exciting rock n’ roll records you’re likely to hear this year—or any other...?! The Age of Machines offers four sides of soulful psych rock, effervescent boogie and heartbreakingly beautiful oldies-inspired rock n’ roll that never lets up....”—Andy Human, Oakland, 2015.?! (STREET DATE - 2/17/2015).?!

2XLP $25.65


GAB 004 

Death Of A Ladies Man by Ashley, Greg

Ashley, Greg

Death Of A Ladies Man
Guitars And Bongos

***"GREG ASHLEY’s 4th album under his own name, his first since 2009’s Requiem Mass (Birdman), signals yet another change in direction for this multi-instrumentalist / producer / arranger / singer / songwriter / bandleader.?! Death of a Ladies' Man is a reverential song-for-song treatment of Leonard Cohen’s least ‘reverential’ album: the 1977 Phil Spector-produced album of the same name.?! Greg’s cover photo replaces actual women with two mannequins, but in almost every other way Greg’s stripped down arrangements with a basic bar band lineup give the original animal more human warmth, making the album more accessible than it’s ever been behind that bloated fortress Phil built.?! Ultimately, Ashley’s Death of a Ladies' Man pays tribute to the songwriting team of Cohen/Spector.?!

LP $15.00


GAB 002 

My Car Drives Fast by Dancer


My Car Drives Fast
Guitars And Bongos

***DANCER is rock and roll! Inspired by power pop, glam, punk, pub stompers and bad attitudes, these boys want you! Follow-up to their debut Daggerman 45.?! With two originals and one cover of J.D.?! Buhl and The Believers “Do Ya Blame Me,” Dancer will have you ready to get down! Edition of 500 copies..?!

7" $6.00


GAB 003 

***CHARLIE MEGIRA is a comet.?! He’ll dazzle your brain with his splendor and tear your soul apart with his poisonous trail.?! Hailing from Israel’s own Pleiadian realm of Beit-She’an, Megira and his axis of scandalmongers, MIMI SHANEL (ex-WETBONES), JAVIER SCHEINER and THE DEAD GIRL, create tunes that interfuse Belial rock n’ roll and coffin-shaped new wave and post-punk.?! Their proto-dielectric uproar resonates back to years and years of savage Rock und Roll.?! In their music you’ll find Link Wray, Johnny Thunders and Ian Curtis, all resurrected back from Megira’s subconscious Gehenna.?! The band is stark mad and the MC is psychotic.?! Recorded and mixed by Charlie Megira in Jaffa, Israel, mastered in Oakland, California by GREG ASHLEY.?! Packaged in gatefold sleeves.?! Includes a download..?!

2XLP $20.15


GAB 001