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***Already one of the cultest names in the metal underground, the diabolical ACID WITCH dig deeper into the cult with four exclusive covers of heavy metal songs from 1980s horror movies! Sorcery's "I'm Back" from Rocktober Blood, Fastway's "After Midnight" from Trick or Treat, Black Roses' "Soldiers of the Night" from Black Roses, and 45 Grave's "Partytime" from The Return of the Living Dead—all get Acid Witch's signature ghoulish touch, and it's the touch of true horror! You're never gonna find a more perfect combination than here on Midnight Movies! Pressed on colored vinyl.

12" $13.75



Exalt The Imperial Beast by Embalmed (mexico)

Embalmed (mexico)

Exalt The Imperial Beast
Hells Headbangers

***After 17 years of strategically scattered EPs and demos, EMBALMED finally mark their triumphant return with their very first full-length album. Hailing from the darkest abyss of Mexico, Embalmed leave nothing to subtlety when it comes to their raison d'etre—Exalt the Imperial Beast! A ceaselessly violent, gnawing torrent of black/death barbarity and sulfurous ritualism that is equally atrocious and dark but still retains a certain Death Metal character in the songwriting. A cult name that lurked in the shadows for far too long, Embalmed surpass 95% of what is being offered in the current "black/death" scene—worship or die!

LP $18.25



Grand Masters Session by Profanatica


Grand Masters Session
Hells Headbangers

***Finally available from the original Grand Masters of mesmerizing barbaric black metal filth! Recorded with a full line-up "live in the studio", a raging 2008 session showcasing many of the classics, a few newer hits and an exclusive medley (a conglomerate of five songs) all sprawled across three custom 8-inch records housed in a branded wooden box set. As reflected in the retail price, only the highest quality materials and printing processes have been utilized. Absolutely mandatory for collectors, vinyl enthusiasts, and those looking for a supplement to the raw rehearsal demos ejaculated in the early ‘90's. Comes with a free download card for a digital copy of the Hells Headbangers label sampler (40 kick ass tracks free!).

3X8 BOX $67.25



***Grab your war helmet; the highly anticipated second strike from Aussie beasts of Sodom hits like a ton of bricks! From the wreckage of their mandatory debut album 8 long years ago, the VOMITOR camp take no prisoners with their recipe for disaster of raw n' gritty thrashing death riffage, rough n' tough solos, echoed war throat roars and hammering drum demolition. Just complete total fucking madness from beginning to end... DEATH METAL OR DIE WIMPS!! Features current & former members of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, BESTIAL WARLUST and SPEAR OF LONGINUS.

CD $12.25



Waiting For His Return by Evil Incarnate

Evil Incarnate

Waiting For His Return
Hells Headbangers

***“After over four years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as Possessed, Dark Angel, Massacre, Death, and Celtic Frost. Embrace the Devil's music as Evil Incarnate lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!!!”

CD $9.25



***NOW AVAILABLE!!! 12-inch LP vinyl containing a lyrics sheet with exclusive photos. Old-school Satanic thrashing death metal fronted by JIM SADIST of NUNSLAUGHTER. Every fanatic of early death metal will be put in the grave by this style of old-school madness.

LP $9.75