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Lovers With Iraqis by Foot Village

Foot Village

Lovers With Iraqis
How To Fight

***FOOT VILLAGE have been warning us that the end is near since their inception. Last year, with the release of Anti-Magic, they completed their trilogy of albums about the end of the world and how the drum-n-shout nation of Foot Village rose from its ashes. Now what? Will they just drag the narrative on beyond the original intent? No. Now Foot Village step out of the world fantasy and into the present. Now the band releases a 7-inch featuring two songs designed as a guidebook for the forthcoming apocalypse. One of hope and one of doom. Since having fun is... er... more fun. "Lovers With Iraqis" is about the virtues of partying. A tribute to party songs that don't get the socio-political credit they deserve. Songs like Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right To Party" and Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." Understandably, this might sound like some sort of put on, sarcasm at it's blandest. But in a world centered around shopping, even though it is tearing society apart, the most important thing to remember is that life should be about having fun and sharing love with all those around you. But let's not talk politics all day. The irony is that such talk isn't fun. Let's take action by singing and dancing together. Even if but for a moment.

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