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Rocky Mountain Low - The Colorado Musical Underground Of The Late 1970s by V/a


Rocky Mountain Low - The Colorado Musical Underground Of The Late 1970s
Hyperpycnal Productions

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  REISSUED ON CD WITH 52 PAGE BOOK WITH EXTENSIVE LINER NOTES, BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION AND PHOTOS, AND A BONUS 7-INCH.Rocky Mountain Low is a unique portrayal of a late-1970s American Punk/New Wave scene. It is the first time that a Punk/New Wave scene, from its inception in 1976 through to the end of 1979, has been documented in its entirety. In their presentation of Colorado’s musical reaction to the initial wake of Punk Rock in the late 1970s, the compilers have set the bar unattainably high for future would-be historians. While Colorado’s late-1970s underground music scene was small and existed on the margins of the larger, more well-known scenes, its documentation is important in that what is being presented is a complete and accurate portrayal of part of the cultural movement that was taking place at the time. Thorough and comprehensive research viewed through an objective lens provides a previously unseen snapshot of America’s musical underground of the period. This documentation shows that the Punk movement of the late 1970s was anything but paint-by numbers—a concept that seems to have been sadly lost on younger generations. Until now, very little has been known about what transpired in Colorado’s musical underground in the late 1970s.   Did you know that Wax Trax, who later became world famous for their record label in the 1980s, started as a store in Denver in 1975? Their early story is told here. Or that Jello...

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