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There Is No Desire by Adulkt Life

Adulkt Life

There Is No Desire

***Adulkt Life, a ringing toll of a band. There Is No Desire, a personalized shove of a record. Cabled, construction-site melodies. Rhythms like concrete barricades. A seesaw fight between vitality and desperation. Relentless focus. THAT VOICE. On There Is No Desire it feels like the band has let something unlatch inside them, an effect revealed across its ten tracks. The arc of this record is irreproachable—it begins weighted, ground down, encumbered. Struggling to freedom, it takes off at the midpoint, hyperactive with chiming notes and audible grinning. It ends, however, in squalling confession. An urgent, compulsive, high-speed document of weariness and resistance, ache and comfort. There is No Desire is Adulkt Life’s second LP, succeeding Book of Curses (2020, What’s Your Rupture). Adulkt Life is Sonny Barrett, Kevin Hendrick (ex-PRE and Male Bonding), Chris Rowley (ex-Huggy Bear), and John Arthur Webb (ex-PRE and Male Bonding). There is No Desire is co-released by JABS (U$A) and Our Voltage (Germany).

LP $24.45


JABS 08 

Skingraft by Skingraft



***SKINGRAFT was a band from Rochester, New York who made jarring, technical, irregular death metal. Three teenagers who spent the frigid, upstate winters mastering arcane scales and double bass patterns, their elaborate, dynamic songs pair howls and blast beats with brooding, minor-key melodies and deviant rhythms. Picture the bludgeon of Entombed's "Left Hand Path," the shattered glass frequencies of Godflesh's "Streetcleaner," and the destabilization of "Remain Sedate" by Roschach. Skingraft recorded these two songs at Rochester's famed Dajhelon Studios during their junior year of high school. Released on the 30th anniversary of this recording session, this 7-inch is the first time these songs have been made publicly available. Guitarist MAT COLBERT went on to play in Blurring, Kalibas and Humiliating Moan. Drummer ANDY MEYERING is a member of FURTHER DAMAGE. Limited edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl. Cover art is silkscreened onto handmade paper stock jackets made from pulped bibles. Includes an insert.

7" $9.75


JABS 09 

The San Pedro Sessions by Younger Lovers

Younger Lovers

The San Pedro Sessions

***Brontez Purnell is an award-winning writer, choreographer, filmmaker and musician. His long-running punk band, THE YOUNGER LOVERS, have released four LPs since 2009. Brontez has described The Younger Lovers as “fucking Motown but on my terms” which speaks to the longing, breathlessness, and catchiness of his songs. In 2006, after an evening of reckless acrobatics with his previous band, GRAVY TRAIN!, Brontez met up with friends in San Pedro to record a few of his heartache tracks. He stayed up all night teaching the songs to KID KEVIN (of FOUR LETTER WORDS, LIPSTICK PICKUPS) and as the sun rose they cut these four frantic tracks. Easily the rawest, most brash, most unstoppable racket that The Younger Lovers ever created. “The San Pedro Sessions” is pressed in an edition of 300 copies, with a five-color silkscreened cover.

7" $7.25


JABS 05 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  A vinyl pressing of THE SCISSOR GIRLS' handmade, self-released demo tape from 1992. From 1991 - 1996, the Scissor Girls reigned as the most jarring, intense, and unpredictable band, the centerpiece of the “Chicago no wave” scene. Their recorded legacy (two LPs, a 10”, and a handful of 7”s) is all highlights, but nothing else sounds quite as friendless and focused as these very first recordings. Seven pin-sharp, searing, precise songs. Limited to 500 copies with full color, old-fashioned “tip-on” sleeve with spot varnish and printed innersleeve.

LP $16.35



Lay Down Your Burden Boy by Purnell, Brontez & Jason Kendig

Purnell, Brontez & Jason Kendig

Lay Down Your Burden Boy

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  A springtime collaboration between BRONTEZ PURNELL of the YOUNGER LOVERS and JASON KENDIG of HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM, Lay Down Your Burden marks a perfect intersection between Brontez’s loveworn, D.I.Y. punk and Jason’s underground dance party devotionals. “He Never Knew What Kissed Him” is a vulnerable, achingly beautiful pop song. Brontez has a scoundrel’s croon, set here perfectly in a cradle of breezy, wistful Farfisa and skittering percussion. “When I See You Out” is a peak time Hi NRG banger, sweeping and assertive. Built atop a turbulent bassline and insistent vocals, it comes off like the indie grandson of Sylvester’s “Mighty Real.” The two songs combine to tell a story—side A for those quiet, hopeful moments getting ready to leave as the sun sets, side B the living sound of the heated dancefloor that drew you out.

7" $6.00


JABS 02 

***Recorded in 1991, ITSOFOMO is a collaboration between the artist David Wojnarowicz and the musician Ben Neill. Originally presented as a live performance at The Kitchen in 1989, the piece binds the haunting urgency of Wojnarowicz’s words to a sinister, elastic composition by Neill. Their gestures circle and intertwine with a telepathic energy, revealing the deep affinity shared by these two artists. Joined by percussionist Don Yallech, the group moves with the agility and purpose of a rock band while maintaining the rigor and empathy of their conceptual force. ITSOFOMO escalates from barely-whispered monologues and unnerving textures to a rallying, full-throated charge.  Originally released on CD by New Tone records in 1992, this is the first vinyl pressing of ITSOFOMO. The 2 x LP includes two unreleased tracks: an instrumental version of the climactic track “THE COLLAPSE OF THE ILLUSORY ONE TRIBE NATION” and a new remix by Ben Neill, “ITSOFOMO Septimal Dub.” Printed in an edition of 500 copies with a gatefold sleeve and an essay by Sylvère Lotringer. A portion of the proceeds from this LP will be donated to Visual AIDS.

2XLP $33.95