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***Buzz, the latest offering from The Cyrillic Typewriter, gently unfurls, track after track, like flags bearing emblems of total R&R as if wandering out to claim a new state of the mellow sublime.?! The eight tracks linger luxuriously just at the threshold of consciousness, inducing reverie through a shimmering synthesizer, an oneiric rhodes, and a pedal steel by Paul Rigby that atmospherically conjures a Western frontier envisioned by a Jodorowski on quaaludes, finally at peace with the strange beasts of the subconscious.?! True to enigmatic form, The Cyrillic Typewriter provides a spacious narrative of contemplative tones, bright pings, and murmuring strings while leaving the plot points up to the listener.?! As testament to the album’s mellowness, the original front cover artwork by longtime collaborator Jason McLean, is resplendently minimal, while the back cover explodes gregariously as if returning with souvenirs from this ethereal terrain of true-grit..?!

LP $21.50


JAZ 21 

Permanent Colours by Cyrillic Typewriter

Cyrillic Typewriter

Permanent Colours

***Permanent Colours, the latest offering from Vancouver's The Cyrillic Typewriter, wordlessly charts a sort of Dark Night of the Soul, describing a dusk-to-dawn journey from isolation to communion that deploys layered harmonics and oscillating drones to evoke a spiritual obscurity slowly penetrated by the humanity of organic sounds, which blip and twang through the loneliness like high-beams on an unlit highway.?! Slowly building over six tracks, the sometimes ominous underlying narration erects a vertical sonic architecture, cathedral-like, which is suddenly pierced through with brightness like sunlight beaming through stained glass.?! A troubled but ultimately hopeful arc with ecclesiastical overtones, this is the most thoughtful output yet from the longtime musical collaboration of Jason Zumpano with contrabassist Terri Upton and Loscil's Scott Morgan, and visual interpretation by Jason McLean..?!

LP $26.50


JAZ 20 

***Silk scarves hung from back pockets, keys under mats, messages in bottles, bells on trees, clacking stilettos, hot wet pavement, and bird song are cruising technologies and transit mysteries, some fleeting, others devouring, and still others remote, proposed in Wild Nights!, HELLO BLUE ROSES’ fourth album and third on JAZ Records.?! Wild Nights! was recorded and produced lovingly by JOSHUA WELLS and SYDNEY HERMANT, alongside bandmates, JULIA CHIRKA and JASON ZUMPANO over the course of 2019.?! The album features special guests, DAN BEJAR, DANIEL GEDDES, KAY HIGGINS and CAREY MERCER.?! It was mixed by Wells at The Balloon Factory, in Vancouver on the UNCEDED and ancestral lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-waututh people.?! The drawing and painting on the cover are by EDEN VEAUDRY.?! Some titles and lyrical phrases are magpied from: Ovid, the film Sweet Smell of Success, Compass by Mathias Énard, and the title from the poem Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

LP $26.50


JAZ 19 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Dominions is the second full-length release from Canadian electroacoustic composer SARAH DAVACHI, following 2015’s Barons Court.?! A slightly more demure approach is at work here, shifting from the brooding textures of her previous work to softer tones and more delicate movements in structure, as in side openers "Feeler" and "Ordinal." Recorded primarily at her home base in Vancouver, Davachi returns with her typical assembly of electronic equipment, mostly consisting of vintage synthesizers as well as the Orchestron, a rare optical sampler known for its low fidelity charms.?! The five compositions on this release breathe new life into these obsolete machines, pausing only for the stringed cacophony of the album’s closer.?! Melodics emerge almost as an after thought, suggesting something farther and more distant, echoed in the disjointed imagery of local artist, DANIEL PRESNELL.  Limited edition new pressing..?!

LP $23.95


DAV 001 

Fantasy Gardens by Gal Gracen

Gal Gracen

Fantasy Gardens

***Fantasy Gardens is GAL GRACEN's first full-length LP, a collection of elysian pop ballads dressed in a new age aesthetic pondering the nature of romanticism in the human world.?! Across 10 tracks, PATRICK GERAGHTY layers harps, wind instruments, analog synthesizers, and samples from 1950s easy listening LPs to channel styles that vary from lonely surf (“Grass Mask”) to krautrock (“She’s the Queen”), AM pop (“Today or Tomorrow”), and celestial waltz (the Enya-inspired “Is It Alive?”).?! Named for the scandalous theme park and flower garden that brought down British Columbia’s government in the early 1990s, Fantasy Gardens ruminates on the limits of truth and beauty, and the concept of a pure fantasy divorced from vanity.?! Recorded by JO HIRABAYASHI (Jo Passed) and mixed by DAVID PARRY (Loving), the album was recorded over three years in Vancouver and Victoria, with additional tracking in Ho Chi Minh City, and, briefly, on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia.?!

LP $22.95


JAZ 18 

Sine Studies 3 by Loscil


Sine Studies 3

***Sine Studies 3 marks the third in a series of 7” releases by loscil on JAZ ecords which explores the singular sound source of digital sine waves.?! Digital sine waves themselves are simple, synthetic sounds with no overtones or timbre.?! With the Sine Studies series, LOSCIL processes, transforms and shapes these building blocks imbuing them with texture and color through the use of layering, processing and distorting..?!

7" $12.25


JAZ 16 

Water Over Glass by Cyrillic Typewriter

Cyrillic Typewriter

Water Over Glass

***Water Over Glass, the latest LP offering from Vancouver, Canada's wordless wonders THE CYRILLIC TYPEWRITER, shimmers and flickers in a cold light.?! The tension of previous offering Your True Emblem has been relaxed here into a kind of cool suspension, with contemplative tones and drones that project both intimacy and foreboding, interrogated by rich saxophone (sometimes bracingly Lynchian, sometimes gentle and impressionistic) and unnerving percussion that appears and disappears like footsteps in an empty corridor.?! This is a narrative album, the story hovering dreamlike just above our waking minds, and The Cyrillic Typewriter has presented it in manuscript form, with short chapters of tones, overtones, scratched out passages and jottings in the margins.?! Listening to this record is like looking up from beneath an ice rink that is being slowly circled and inscribed by a sharp blade, its clarity made opaque by each pass of the desultory skater above.?!

LP $23.25


JAZ 17 

Hello, Ocean? by Gold, Sara

Gold, Sara

Hello, Ocean?

***As the Moon's phases oscillate closer and further from proximity to the Earth, cycling around its elliptical path, causing tidal activity dependant on that movement, perigean and proxigean represent that push and pull of waveforms.?! holding a seashells up to your ear, what do you hear?! Noise.?! The crashing of oceans waves, perceived with a suspension of disbelief, calling you.?! SARA GOLD performs live experimental techno and new music at small underground events and large scale festivals with a carefully curated collection of vintage analog instruments.?! Her practice includes sound art installations, field and studio recording, high concept audio/visual works and teaching workshops on harnessing feedback and no input mixing.?! No-input mixing on a collection of vintage analog console mixers is featured heavily alongside vintage analog drum machines and Paia 4700 modular synthesizer..?!

LP $23.25


JAZ 14 

***HELLO BLUE ROSES was formed in 2005 by SYDNEY HERMANT and her partner Dan Bejar and houses Hermantʼs written and recorded song work.?! A fluid enterprise, their performances have ranged from sparse duo to full band backup, and in its current formation features Hermant establishing her own ground as a solo performer, singing and playing guitar and flute, with the support of looping pedals, washy amps, and the occasional sit-in friend.?! Trade Winds is HBRʼs third full length, following 2015ʼs WZO on JAZ Records, and 2008ʼs The Portrait is Finished and I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty, on Locust Records.?! With Trade Winds, Hermant offers meshes of enviro psych femme, experimental pop, and laid back electronic art rock, each track inhabiting its own mood, or a different planet from the last, creating a tight and compelling unexpected bouquet of sounds.?!

LP $23.25


JAZ 15 

Sour Bubblegum by Lt. Frank Dickens

Lt. Frank Dickens

Sour Bubblegum

***Sour Bubblegum is the sophomore effort on JAZ Records from Vancouver underground balladeer LT.?! FRANK DICKENS, former singer and songwriter in Vancouver post-punk band PEACE (Suicide Squeeze).?! It is a concise collection of slanted rock heroics, poems, and yearning serenades bookended by two seasick waltzes and glued together by his signature grizzled croon.?! This time around, a sense of societal claustrophobia pervades.?! Ultimately though, optimism wins the day, and perseverance through life's drearier moments is elevated as the noblest of pursuits, with it's own inherent beauty.?! These songs display the wistful sweetness and rush of classic bubblegum pop craft, but replace the teenage frivolity endemic to the genre with a world weary depth that would find camaraderie with the likes of Nikki Sudden and Leonard Cohen.?! They are the soured disillusionment of adulthood that never gives way to bitterness or cynicism.They are "Sour Bubblegum"..?!

LP $21.95


JAZ 13 

***LT.?! FRANK DICKENS is the nom-de-musique of the former singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Vancouver’s shadowy pop band PEACE, formerly signed to Suicide Squeeze records.?! Recorded in pieces over a number of years, his debut album Sunburned was originally released as a limited run cassette in the autumn of 2015.?! Now the album is being made available with a new cover and two extra songs through JAZ Records.?! Sunburned is made up of songs that Dickens had been working on for as much as ten years’ time.?! It is a collection of haunted lullabies informed by the mysterious underbelly of life on the West Coast as much as musical touchstones such as Scott Walker, Syd Barrett and the Television Personalities.?! The instrumentation differs significantly between songs, but there is unity in the albums wistful tone and Dickens’ baritone sing-speak.?!

LP $18.50


JAZ 12 

Your True Emblem by Cyrillic Typewriter

Cyrillic Typewriter

Your True Emblem

***Your True Emblem is the latest offering from Vancouver's CYRILLIC TYPEWRIER, the enigmatic mantle of JASON ZUMPANO, joined here with fellow DESTROYER alumna SCOTT MORGAN (LOSCIL) and NIC BRAGG, and recent recruit TERRI UPTON of FROG EYES.?! Maintaining the suite-like format of 2015's Best Suit, it assumes a sci-fi cinema stance: delicate, capsule-like intervals of mellow post-rock spaciousness—a sonic depth of field that gives a vibey sense of flotation—which are then interrupted by abrasive and agitated interludes of redirection that signal a narrative of tense anticipation: we are waiting for a message from outer space, and this is either the soundtrack to the waiting, or the message itself.?! LPs with art from frequent Cyrillic Typewriter collaborator JASON MCLEAN; each comes with one of three 5x5 matte cardstock photo inserts..?!

LP $21.85


JAZ 11 

Sine Studies 2 by Loscil


Sine Studies 2

***Sine Studies 2 is LOSCIL's continuation of the challenge set forth in Sine Studies 1—namely, to generate music derived from computer generated sine waves and no other sound source.?! Sine waves are perfectly pure units of synthesized sound, which alone contain no overtones and a somewhat unnatural sounding simplicity of spectral content.?! While their abstract purity in its rawest form can seem clinical, unnatural, synthetic and rather void of emotion, loscil takes it upon himself to morph, add, stretch, chop and beat the sine waves into submission, forcing them into shapes and combinations that resonate and attempt to connect with the ears in interesting ways.?! With "Pendulum," rhythm takes the forefront and arpeggiated sines are woven together to create overlapping patterns and forward momentum.?! "Serpens," draws more on harmony and gentle, slow moving chords that harken back to pipe organs and religious music..?!

7" $11.75


JAZ 10 

Discordia by Talvihorros



***TALVIHORROS is the work of Scotland based composer and producer BEN CHATWIN working in the field of ambient electronics.?! Through his distinctive approach to analogue electronics, he crafts dense collages of sound that hint at the conflicting beauty and chaos of the cosmos.?! 'Discordia' and 'Mechanica' are the first new recordings to be released by Talvihorros since 2014's Eaten Alive an album that explored the darker recesses of life.?! Continuing along in that vein these two visceral pieces are organic, evolving and physically arresting—melodic patterns fighting for space with huge arcing drones—always teetering on the edge of collapsing under its own weight.?! Epic in scope with cinematic qualities, Chatwin's music has been used across a wide variety of media, most notably in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen and Tate Modern.?!

7" $11.75


JAZ 9 

***JAZ Records is proud to present the long-awaited, second HELLO BLUE ROSES LP, WZO.?! It was produced by CAREY MERCER (FROG EYES, BLACKOUT BEACH) at his Quadraticus Studios in Vancouver, early 2014, and bears the stamp of the cooked guitars and echoing beats associated with that room.?! The record is haunted by HERMANT’s etherized and insistent vocals about women and ghosts, accompanied by her guitar drones and plucks.?! Holding it down are MELANIE CAMPBELL and TERRI UPTON (FROG EYES rhythm section on loan), JOSH WELLS (BLACK MOUNTAIN, LIGHTNING DUST, SUR UN PLAGE, DESTROYER) with yet another star bongo turn, and Mercer himself, whose singular axework, drum progamming and live knob-twiddling are a cornerstone of the WZO Sound.?! Oh yeah, and DAN BEJAR (DESTROYER) gently strums away, bababaing in the background, Spector-ing whole days of work spent without him, or making everyone sandwiches.?!

LP $18.50


JAZ 7 

***This is the first release in years from songwriter/multi-instrumentalist NICHOLAS KRGOVICH and it is a strange one.?! When we last checked Krgovich was slinking around the floor to the icy, r&b-inflected sophisti-pop of NO KIDS, or masterminding the Phil Spector indebted girl group sing-a-longs of GIGI, or manning the keyboards and touring the world with MOUNT EERIE and NITE JEWEL.?! There's also been the absence of a long finished, four-years-in-the-making magnum opus, a widescreen paean to Los Angeles, written before he was living there in a small house in South Pasadena.?! There's also the music composed for hair commercials starring Beyoncé's sister.?! So what do we have here?! Who Cares?! is a small, short record.?! Perhaps even a personal one.?! It's a collection of truly bummed out and lonely-sounding songs, but they're fashioned in such a quiet, composed and lovely way that they paradoxically end up being quite hopeful and tender.?!

LP $15.50


JAZ 5 

***Custodian marks a much grander stylistic experiment in THE CYRILLIC TYPEWRITER’s discography of cinematic pop enigmaticism.?! Explained away as a score for an unreleased horror film, Custodian may be a uniquely Ruritarian soundtrack, referencing an origin of unverifiable existence, a plausible, approachable, but ephemeral stranger.?! Suggesting a Heart of Darkness narrative of doomed exploration and dreaded discovery, the album employs swelling drones and Delphic female vocals to convey an overarching mood of foreboding, while anxious percussions consult with one another, signaling, warning, then losing contact entirely.?! River-like, the storyline breaks, jumps, and returns.?! Evoking the sinister light-heartedness of Angelo Badalamenti, the synthy disquiet of John Carpenter and the sometimes sweet ambience of Rachels, this release is yet another intriguing gesture from the curiouser and curiouser Cyrillic Typewriter.?! Available in a limited edition of 165.?!

LP $18.60


JAZ 4 

Sine Studies 1 by Loscil


Sine Studies 1

***The newest release from Vancouver's LOSCIL, their first on the JAZ imprint, employs simple sine wave generators as the source for all sounds, transforming and processing some, while leaving others in their original form.?! Pure math and sonorous clarity on 45 RPM from one of Canada's foremost ambient composers.?! Limited release of 300 copies featuring original artwork by Network Osaka..?!

7" $9.25


JAZ 3 

***The enigmatic pop sounds of Vancouver's THE CYRILLIC TYPEWRITER return with their sophomore effort French Door.?! Ostensibly a one-man band helmed by composer JAZON ZUMPANO (though the album credits only a certain "JZ"), the album is occasionally ornamented and illuminated by NATHANIEL SENFF’s belching, howling saxophone, and the drones of CHRISTINA RZEPA’s cello and MEGAN BRADFIELD’s double bass.?! Zumpano's former colleagues from Streethawk-era DESTROYER, DAN BEJAR and SCOTT MORGAN, also make impressive appearances.?!

LP $13.75


JAZ 2 

***A brand new vocal/pop album from Vancouver’s JASON ZUMPANO (DESTROYER, ZUMPANO, et al.).?! Features Zumpano on piano, organ and vocals along with contributions from FRANCIS CARBONE (guitar, vocals), JIMMY SHORTS (percussion, vocals), CHRISTINA RZEPA (cello), and MEGAN BRADFIELD (clarinet).?! Limited edition vinyl pressing of 175 copies..?!

LP $13.75