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“New Town Nocturnes is a collection of strange, fractured, impressionistic versions of memories from a time in my life both real and imagined, coming to me like almost inaudible radio waves from my past, the sound of people I loved walking carefully through my heart and sometimes staying there. “I am not sure if these are poems or songs with no singing—there is certainly no symmetry to these words—but there is a strange geography that takes in my beloved Edinburgh and reaches out from the New Town to Causewayside, the Union Canal and beyond the city to the Pentland Hills and to Bavelaw. These are the places I was, and these are the things I think I remember. “These words were brought to life and turned into the sculptures they are by my friend Michael Begg, who read them and then created these sonic landscapes, textures, rooms and streets for me to be in. “This album was inspired by the Edinburgh poet and artist Stanley Roger Green, for whom I wrote the piece ‘Cairn’ as an answer to his poem, the mighty ‘Bavelawin Winter’ from the book A Suburb of Belsen which has been a constant inspiration to me for the past 35 years.” —Chris Connelly

CD $12.00

05/06/2016 726630604394 


Miscellany - Lussuoso (electronics: 1990 To 2015) by Liles, Andrew

Liles, Andrew

Miscellany - Lussuoso (electronics: 1990 To 2015)

This triple-disc album is a three-hour anthology of 52 previously unreleased electronica and ambient soundscapes from the last 25 years—a mature blend of brand new material, updated and adapted pieces, and raw, untouched and unadulterated tracks from yesteryear. It comes packaged in a deluxe eight-panel foldout digipak.  “The majority of the tracks were made in the early ’90s in London, an era when I was listening to a lot of music from the emerging ‘ambient’ and electronica scenes. At that point I had a part-time job, I worked on the till. Through various means of ‘creative accounting’ the job afforded me to buy at least one new record every lunch break. I worked near Wardour Street and went shopping every day. I bought everything that came out on Warp, Rephlex, R&S, Apollo and an assortment of other labels. These records in part influenced what I was creating at the time.” —Andrew Liles

3XCD $19.50

05/06/2016 708191755548 


Jnana Records is proud to reissue the The Legendary Pink Dots’ Asylum, originally released as a double-LP in 1985. The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve with an eight-page booklet featuring new liner notes by Edward Ka-Spel as well as the only two photos of the group’s first lineup. Asylum was remastered in 2014 by Ka-Spel and features a rare bonus track making its debut on CD.  “We recorded this in the tiny bedroom of violin player Patrick [Wright] who was the only Pink Dot to own an 8-track tape recorder and a ‘real’ mixing desk back in 1985. I’d moved to The Netherlands in December 1984 and it had all gone terribly wrong.... Ultimately I fled to a friend’s floor in Amsterdam on the train with a synthesizer under one arm and a bag of clothes over the other shoulder…. Graham Whitehead actually joined the Dots during the long-protracted sessions as he was the second decent keyboard player in a band that was now used to two ivory tinklers for some time, and he was also Patrick’s flatmate. “Steve Stapleton (Nurse with Wound) gave a little assistance with a couple of tracks as we waded through the mountain of recordings. Still mostly it was a time of people disappearing. Julie [Niblock Waller], who joined the Dots from Attrition, dropped out from the recordings quite early….  “Ultimately I completed the album with Patrick and Phil [Knight], and strangely the result turned out to be a small pearl...

CD $13.00

10/21/2014 700175736260