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***The debut LP by HEIMAT, who's members consist of OLIVIER from CHEVEU and ARMELLIE from THE DREAMS.?! This one is ten tracks of afro-beat rhythms, cinematic soundscapes, and post-punk aggression.?! Almost as if John Carpenter, RZA, and The Slits made a record together.?! Sort of.?! Comes with an astonishing cover by ALEXANDER LOBANOV (1924-2003), the famous Russian Art Brut artist.?! A co-release with France's Teenage Menopause.?! No Export to Europe..?!

LP $15.50


KSR 61 

***The first full length release from the ever prolific duo of DAN MELCHIOR and RUSSELL WALKER (BOMBER JACKETS, PHEROMOANS, LLOYD PACK) in thirteen tracks of late night noodles.?! The new LP strays a bit from the kraut-influenced space rock of last year’s 7” debut and portrays the breadth of their influences with ambient voiceovers, drinking songs, blues trash rippers, and manic pop songs.?! Melchior’s signature fuzzed-out guitar flurries and psychedelic synthesizer banter play nicely against Walker’s talk-singing poetry to create what is ultimately a very ethereal and hypnotically pleasant set of pop songs.?! Samples, synths, and live tracks were recorded over a weekend in 2014 when Walker visited Melchior in Durham, hence the clever title.?! Limited to 500 copies on good ‘ol black vinyl..?!

LP $15.50


KSR 60 

***A brand new 7" from DAN MELCHIOR and RUSSELL WALKER (BOMBER JACKETS, PHEROMOANS, LLOYD PACK).?! This excellent new release brings two new tracks of kraut-influenced space rock.?! Melchior’s fuzzed-out guitar flurries and psychedelic synthesizer banter play nicely against Walker’s talk-singing poetry to create what is ultimately a very ethereal and hypnotically pleasant pair of songs, “Sad Son-In-Law” and “I Could Sit Here Forever".?! Limited to 500 copies on good ‘ol black vinyl.  .?!

7" $7.50


KSR 59 

***The 12th release from Vienna duo NOVY SVET, Doce is a sentimental collection that spans 12 years in 12 songs recorded in their hometown Vienna, Barcelona, and Hamburg from 1998 through 2010.?! As a retrospective, Doce draws from across the band's catalog, showcasing their easy defiance of genre boundaries to create a fluid mixture of folk and experimental sounds, steeped in the haunting tones of "neosurrealist" instrumentation and arrangement, and somehow never tethered to just a single language.?! Nový Svět was one of the very first projects released by Austrian neofolk/industrial staple Albin Julius’ HauRock! label, allowing to branch out into collaborations with other groups on their roster (Derniere Volonte, Foresta di Ferro, etc.).?!

LP $15.50


KSR 58 

***NET SHAKER are a SoCal band of strangers that make strage music.?! Frightening, spacious, calming, and rhythmic, Net Shaker are favorited by many avant record stores and local weirdos.?! The band’s sound would easily accompany Ridley Scott’s vision of a futuristic Lost Angeles in Blade Runner, which is appropriate since that’s where they are from.?! Their sound is murky, pounding, and ethereal at times.?! Their future-electronic industrial pounding is produced by only two members, ERIK FRYDENBORG and ERNEST GIBSON on this, their debut LP..?!

LP $15.50


KRS 57 

Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme by Smalts


Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme
Kill Shaman

***SMALTS are a group of folks from the Netherlands that have been producing weird and off-kilter pop music since 1982.?! They also happen to run the blowpipe label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop in Europe.?! This fancy LP features eleven unheard originals along with a nice MP3 download sampler of the Blowpipe label..?!

LP $15.50


KRS 56 

Weight Of A Color by Axis:sova


Weight Of A Color
Kill Shaman

***We-ow, it's a feature length album from deep within the molten, midwestern drought.?! Rightly recorded in the summer months and now released under the same season, AXIS:SOVA’s Weight Of A Color tilts from the AXIS: as a phased haze of mooncraze.?! It's music to move you in the waning hours of a muggy evening, in the slowness of the heat you want to beat; all the while raising hell, looking at you, looking at yourself through the eyes of the other.?! Our peripheries are perceived in the brightnite sky by optic energies outside the lines of universal confines.?! These caustic plumes waft between bits of oxygen and methane finding spots inside your brain; honestly, how else would you expect the best end (of the world) to sound?! The energies will run amok inside your eyes just as much as they do outside the confining lines.?! Pass the beer bong, play the song.?! Weight Of A Color follows 2011's "(I Feel Like) Laying Low" 7".?!

LP $15.50


KSR 56 

Your Body Got A Land by Crash Normal

Crash Normal

Your Body Got A Land
Kill Shaman

***Paris’ CRASH NORMAL are somewhere between garage-punk and electro trash.?! They are a duo.?! These guys drop the sound of rusty nails and hit the audience like rain.?! Echos and reverbs fight, the drum machine gets killed by the fuzz pedal.?! Low frequencies slither around you like a snake.?! No bass player.?! Only two guitars to fill the space left in the room.?! Real drums win the battle over drum machines in the end.?! They’ve shared the bill with Sic Alps, The Intelligence, Alan Vega, Ty Segall, The Mayyors, The Spits, Kid Congo, Davila 666, BBQ, Wounded Lion, Human Eyes, the Cave, and Crystal Stilts..?!

LP $15.50

04/24/2012 879198008712 

KSR 54 

***YVES /SON / ACE is the solo project of MATTHEW FORD (FACTUMS, LOVE TAN, EVENING MEETINGS).?! He makes apocalyptic pop music with fuzzy, gnarled, overblown, and mangled instruments.?! Noises range from guitars and pianos to hammers and mallets.?! Industrial garage pop… or something.?! Six-song 7-inch EP with high-quality jackets, black sleeves, and some tits.?! Highly recommend..?!

7" $7.25

04/24/2012 879198008705 

KSR 53 

***Hailing from Sweden, BRANKO bring us a brand new slab of wax with eight tracks of instrumental surf/african/garage rock a la Link Wray on a 33RPM 7".?! Branko play fuzzed out guitars, organs, and drums with sprinklings of the Ventures, Troggs, and Link Wray with a punk instrumental spin.?! Strange sci-fi samples litter the tracks of blown our bass guitars, fuzzy electrics, drums, and african percussion instruments.?! We haven't heard anything like this...?! ever.?! The 7" includes a digital download card for an additional nine tracks that are not on the 7" and are equally impressive (17 tracks in total).?!  .?!

7" $9.25


KSR 52 

***THE DREAMS are two-piece jungle/tropicalia/reggae/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of dub, reggae, post-punk, and French garage rock.?! It's impossible to pin down or classify, but you'll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party where the punks are all hanging out with the masters of reggae and dub, but everyone's having a good time.?! Their first LP, Morbido, contains an amazing mix of feeling and aesthetics that will instantly appeal to fans of early Rough Trade records, Trojan box sets, or modern Glue Wave French punks.?! Mastered by SEB NORMAL of THE NORMALS / THE FEELING OF LOVE.?! Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl..?!

LP $15.50

06/28/2011 879198006954 

KSR 51 

***Born in a Metz bunker during the 2006 summer, THE FEELING OF LOVE was at first the solo project of G.?! MARIETTA (A.H.?! KRAKEN’s guitarist ad singer).?! An ephemeral idea that initially couldn't have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore.?! The postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock'n'roll.?! Now a trio with SEB NORMAL (THE NORMALS, CRASH NORMAL, etc.) on drums, and S.?! (A.H.Kraken, VINGT MILLE PUNKS) on keyboards, the band releases their third space garage album.?! Songs stretch out, the drums go more tribal, the synth hammers out keys on an infinite highway, and the guitar gets lost in a fog of delay pedals.?! Think Spacemen 3 meets Pussy Galore meets the Velvet Underground..?!

LP $15.50

05/17/2011 879198006770 

KSR 60 

***Paris, France’s CHEVEU’s newest release 1000 shows a much more polished and slicker sound than their previous releases, portraying the bands growth and adventurous, other-worldly style.?! That’s not to say it doesn’t sound like a Cheveu album, which is usually pretty damned difficult to pinpoint anyhow.?! Expect a whole new foray of sounds that include full horn arrangements, crazy RUN DMC-style beats, and the usual flurry of noisy electronics and Rolling Stones-type blues riffs.?! Limited to only 1,000 copies on black vinyl in the US and Canada, co-released by Kill Shaman in the US/Canada and Born Bad in Europe.?! Amazing cover art made out of fruit stickers and other fun stuff.?! Love it..?!

LP $17.25

01/25/2011 879198006367 

KSR 48 

***Calgary, Canada’s SHARP ENDS have released their first LP on Kill Shaman.?! After two amazing 7-inches that moved at light speed on Hozac and Mammoth Cave, Sharp Ends spent the next 9 months writing and recording the ten tracks that have been lovingly smashed into wax for this fine release.?! The LP contains some of the finest post-punk weirdness ever heard, channelling bits of ‘80s British No Wave and colliding it with a Dischord-like agressive aesthetic, Sharp Ends have a real winner here.?! Recordeed by RYAN SADLER, mixed by the band, and mastered by GABE DUDES; these ten tracks will blow out your eardrums.?! Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl only, 45 RPM..?!

LP $15.50

11/16/2010 879198006015 

KSR 46 

In A Night Like This by Movie Star Junkies

Movie Star Junkies

In A Night Like This
Kill Shaman

***A new 10-inch record from Italian band the MOVIE STAR JUNKIES.?! They share some members with the FEELING OF LOVE, AH KRAKEN, and write songs that are an interesting mix of Ennio Morricone and Wire; post-punk meets Italian spaghetti western..?!

10" $15.50

11/02/2010 879198006084 

KSR 47 

***Licensend from Enfant Terrible records in the Netherlands for North American consumption.?! Debut is the follow up to AGENT SIDE GRINDER’s debut single, and their contribution to the Hoera! Een Hex Voor Thuis! compilation LP, the response to which has been overwhelmingly positive.?! This first full-length LP was eagerly awaited, and is now finally available in the US.?! Agent Side Grinder play real industrial music in the style of Cabaret Voltaire, mix it with some proto-punk in the Suicide way, fuse this with the energy of early EBM reminiscent of The Klinik and top this with psychedelic touches that can be traced back to The Doors.?! The result is an unique, contemporary and fresh sound that will appeal to fans of industrial, elektro, old style EBM and krautrock alike..?!

CD $15.00

04/20/2010 879198005162 

KSR 43 

Untune The Sky by Moles


Untune The Sky
Kill Shaman

***A perfect ‘90s pop-album, THE MOLES’ Untune the Sky is finally being reissued on vinyl again after almost 20 years with original artwork and a beautiful insert.?! The Australian band Moles, led by solo artist and Robert Pollard collaborator RICHARD DAVIES, toured the US, Australia, and Europe with Guided By Voices and other great ‘90s pop acts.?! The double-LP is an exact reproduction of the extended Untune the Sky CD, containing tracks from the early What's the New Mary Jane double-7-inch and CDEP and the original Untune the Sky full-length, resulting in eighteen tracks of pure pop genius..?!

2XLP $18.60

04/20/2010 879198005179 

KSR 44 

***The follow up to last year’s Death Control CD that garnered such praise, Life Control is an experiment further into the forays of the disjunct and fractured pop music that CHRISTOPHER CURTIS SMITH is so akin to producing.?! Life Control sees NIGHT CONTROL venturing further into the dark depths of sonic experimentation and ambience, circling back around to Derrida’s deconstruction theory and applying it to pop music.?! Sounds are manipulated, affected and tortured into loosely structured pop gems covered in organic acoustic guitars, blown out guitars and some of the most interested mixes of live and programmed drums.?! Expect to see this CD all over the place once again as Night Control has brought their signature sound to the next level of weird and interesting.?! This is the perfect soundtrack or city walking..?!

CD $14.00


KSR 42 CD 

***”The newest LP from Metz, France’s Feeling of Love is a blues-wrangling nightmare, full of nods to The John Spencer Blues Explosion, The Velvet Underground, and French glue-wavers Crash Normal.?! This newest full-length studio album is an awesome follow up to their first LP and the one-sided 12″ from last few years.?! Songs include amazing slide guitar riffs over drum machines, synths and tight rhythm section.?! This album is a complete reminder of why we have such a fondness for their first few releases and 7-inches; their tracks are driving grooves with a wild blues edge, all followed up with that magical French synthesis that delivers a “can’t miss” experience.?! Awesome cover art, printed sleeves and limited to our usual 500 copies on black vinyl.”.?!

LP $15.50

01/19/2010 879198004738 

KSR 41 

Hiroshima Rocks Around / Bipolar Bear by Bipolar Bear / Hiroshima Rocks Around

Bipolar Bear / Hiroshima Rocks Around

Hiroshima Rocks Around / Bipolar Bear
Kill Shaman

***HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND are from Italy and BI-POLAR BEAR is from Los Angeles.?! Two crazy loud bands with very different styles.?! BPB has releases on Kill Shaman, Mexican Summer, Deleted Art, Rococo, Yosada and more.?! HRA have 7-inches on S.S.?! and Avant..?!

12" $13.75


KSR 038 

***Mississippi’s one-man band FLIGHT is back with his second ever release, a self-titled 10-inch EP on Kill Shaman.?! A perfect medley of ‘70s glam, ‘80s punk and ‘60s psych, Flight applies a fist-pumping lo-fi pop sensibility that is over-distorted, punchy, and punk as fuck.?! Contains four distinct tracks that completely kill the inner ear.?! With the volume turned up to the max, this blown-out and distorted piece of wax will be sure to please any fans of Live Fast Die, Cheap Time, Jesus and Mary Chain and anything else that shreds while maintaining a deeply seeded sense of pop-punk.?! Think of it as the perfect medium for early ‘90s fuzz-gaze and ‘70s glam punk..?!

10" $12.00


KSR 37