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***SOUNDPOOL follow their critically acclaimed 2010 album Mirrors In Your Eyes with this fantastic limited collection of six remixes and reinterpretations.?! SYNTAKS, STRATEGY, GTO, SCREEN VINYL IMAGE, COLDER and LAWRENCE CHANDLER (of BOWERY ELECTRIC fame) have all twisted and turned these soon-to-be-classic pop gems around and infused them with new life..?!

CD $6.30

06/07/2011 802340201921 


Extended Play by Ceremony


Extended Play
Killer Pimp

***JUSTIN K.?! BROADRICK (JESU, GODFLESH, PALE SKETCHER), GD LUXXE (GERHARD POTUZNIK), MONSTER MOVIE (members of SLOWDIVE and ETERNAL), and JESSICA BAILIFF (CLEAR HORIZON, EAU CLAIRE, NORTHERN SONG DYNASTY) make contributions to this limited EP of music based on four songs from Rocket Fire by CEREMONY.?! “Enough bombast to satisfy the more sadistic shoegaze fans and enough pop hooks to satisfy the rest"—Tiny Mix Tapes.?! Limited edition of 500 copies..?!

CD $6.30

04/26/2011 802340201822 


***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! The full-length album from CEREMONY is finally here! Ten brilliant pop songs super charged with amplification and distortion to make an incredible mix.?! Before A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, there was SKYWAVE, a three piece noise pop band from Fredericksburg, Virgina.?! When OLLIE left to move to NYC, PAUL and JOHN remained and reorganized as Ceremony.?! While there will be undeniable comparisons made to APTBS (they still remain friends and share an affinity for loud guitars), Ceremony employ a songcraft far more focused on making catchy pop tunes than blowing out speakers and eardrums.?! The LP comes with a special download code to download MP3s of the entire LP.?! (STREET DATE - 6/01/2010).?!

LP $15.50

06/01/2010 802340201518 

PIMPK 015 

CD $12.25

04/27/2010 802340201525 


Mirrors In Your Eyes by Soundpool


Mirrors In Your Eyes
Killer Pimp

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! The explosive third album sees this NY-based five-piece stepping out onto the dancefloor—without leaving their guitars and dreamy effects behind.?! After building a loyal following in the independent shoegaze scene SOUNDPOOL have enhanced their palette and, in turn, crafted a pop masterpiece.?! The nine songs are infectious, overflowing with strong bass hooks, driving beats, shimmering guitars, and KIM FIELDS’ captivating, ethereal voice.?! A 12-inch EP is planned featuring remixes by Strategy, Colder, Lawrence Chandler (Bowery Electric), and GTO.?! The LP comes with a special download code to download MP3s of the entire LP.?! (STREET DATE - 6/01//2010).?!

LP $15.50

06/01/2010 802340201617 

PIMPK 016 

CD $12.25

04/27/2010 802340201624 


Leave Alone / Walk Away by Ceremony


Leave Alone / Walk Away
Killer Pimp

***Following the success of the Someday 7-inch single Killer Pimp comes back with a new one featuring two exclusive non-LP CEREMONY tracks.?! Limited to 500 copies and neither song is featured on the brand new full-length..?!

7" $4.50

04/27/2010 802340201815 

PIMPK 017 

***Before A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS there was SKYWAVE, a three-piece band from Fredericksburg, Virginia.?! OLLIE left to move to NYC and formed APTBS but JOHN and PAUL stayed behind and continued on under the name of CEREMONY.?! Their Killer Pimp full-length Rocket Fire is due out early 2010 but it's being preceded by a hot new 7-inch single for the song "Someday." It’s one of those songs that are so incredibly infectious numerous people have already reported repeating it over and over and over again! While there's no doubt comparisons to APTBS will be made (they are friends and were in the same band, after all), Ceremony are far more focused on making catchy pop tunes than blowing out your eardrums or speakers.?! The 7-inch is limited to 500 copies and has an exclusive B-side "Cracked Sun," which will not be on the upcoming album..?!

7" $3.85

01/26/2010 802340201310