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***Vancouver's JODY GLENHAM returns with two more tracks of sublime Mazzy-Star-esque dream pop. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies on turquoise vinyl.

7" $8.50


KFB 051 

She’s My Rushmore by Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings

She’s My Rushmore
Kingfisher Bluez

***Three new songs of thrashy emo punk from the suburbs of Vancouver's DIY scene. "So I Shotgunned A Rootbeer (ate a large 'za) And Went To Bed"'s refrain of "I'm sick of being torn apart" sounds like the heartache of a generation raised on Brand New, The Promise Ring, and countless late-night TV series marathons. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

7" $8.50


KFB 041 

***Taking his name from a terrifying encounter with a pack of hungry wolves, SEAN PARKER’s debut album as ONLY WOLF is a sprawling, late night drive of a record, that feels precise, organic and infinitely spaced out. Growing up between Canada, Spain, and the French Alps, he took in the natural sounds of the countryside- crashing waves, clinking cowbells and creaking trees- and armed with an MPC1000 drum machine and a guitar, distilled it into a sound that feels natural and otherworldly at the same time. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on triple-color splatter vinyl.

LP $21.95


KFB 6007 

***Ten tracks of fuzzy, blown out guitar pop influenced by 1960s girl groups, The Ramones, Mo Tucker, Anne Of Green Gables, and Degrassi High. [“Sugarcubes” is] …a starry-eyed bubblegum number that makes us think of root beer floats on the beach.” Mastered at 45rpm.

LP $15.00


KFB 6005 

Before Gender, Language And Definition by Takahashi, Masahiro

Takahashi, Masahiro

Before Gender, Language And Definition
Kingfisher Bluez

***Debut 4 song EP from Tokyo/Montreal artist MASAHIRO TAKAHASHI. This record features ROSE MELBERG (TIGER TRAP, THE SOFTIES), TRACEY VATH (LOVE CUTS) and MASAMI SEKI trading vocals with Takahashi, as well as instrumentation from members of local Vancouver favs MOVIELAND and HALF CHINESE. The record is a co-release with Takahashi's own UHIRA UHIRA records of Tokyo. "The results, put simply, are delightful."- Exclaim! Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

7" $8.50


KFB 036 

***A new three-song 7" EP from Vancouver's leading lo-fi DIY troubadour. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

7" $7.50


KFB 023 

***Two new tracks—”Quagga” and “Thylacine”—of weird, pulsing analog synth madness from experimental juggernauts XIU XIU. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies pressed on clear vinyl.

7" $7.25


KFB 008 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! EEEK! is an indie rock band from Vancouver that should appeal to fans of Japandroids and Promise Ring. Two tracks pressed on green vinyl in an edition of 250 copies.

7" $7.25


KFB 004 

***”Feels like post-shoegaze-style rocking these days is the new basement jam sesh. Like how punk was everyone’s go-to easy jam, and prior to that, ‘Johnny B. Goode.’ Eh, conjection. But I think it’s about technology. At once, you can hear the simplicity and overwhelming depth of ‘Nowhere’ by VILLAGE. ‘Yo, slick a riff for me while I walk this bass, please.’ ‘How about some whistling keys as I tap out a little bl’ow-bl’ow.’ Flick all them switches on, and it sounds like one part vocals, all parts symbiosis. Living close to New York City, you notice that crowds and cars tend to toothpaste-squeeze, and ‘Nowhere’ is the perfect sound for both absorption and being lost within sound bottlenecking into a singular burst of joy. Let’s get lost. Let’s see something else. Never hoping for location. Always transcending terrain.”—Tiny Mix Tapes. Edition of 200 copies on white vinyl.

7" $7.25


KFB 006