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III - Colored Vinyl by Acid King

Acid King

III - Colored Vinyl

The first full-length to be pressed on wax from legendary Bay Area doom unit ACID KING. Produced with the help of San Francisco's legendary engineer BILLY ANDERSON, this is the album that LORI JOSEPH, JOEY OSBOURNE and co. were born to make. Filled with thundering low end and fat ass riffs AK-III will redefine the definition of the word heavy for years to come.

LP $27.00



Free / Down With The Crown by Acid King

Acid King

Free / Down With The Crown

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  “ACID KING’s masterful CD and 10-inch split releases on Man's Ruin have been remastered and put out on one lovely piece of vinyl for your enjoyment. Free and Down With the Crown represent very early and heavy material from the band. Some of my personal favorite music in this genre. Amazing stuff. We had the original photo for each release recreated and hand drawn by legendary rock artist ALAN FORBES. Looks awesome! Inner gatefold art is also killer...two panel original works.”—Kreation. Pressed on colored vinyl.

LP $19.25



***“Brilliant three-way split album from these amazing Finnish black metal artists. As usual strong material from the man called WYRD...really great HAIVE with nice folk elements (sucker for a mouth harp in my black metal) and perhaps the best for last, KEHRA...amazing stuff from this new band...reminds me of the ‘Cascadian Black Metal’ from up in this neck of the woods. Wolves in the Throne Room, Skagos, Fauna etc.”—Kreation. Black vinyl pressing, limited to 400 copies.  

LP $15.50


KR 39 

***“It is hard to describe the brilliance that is DODSFERD. Wrath, hailing from Greece makes some of the most fucked up, psychedelic (at least i think) and original black metal today. The riffs are totally black metal but bring some comparisons to the crusty punk, D-Beat stuff. But in a good way. The vocals are what really does it for me on this album. Great BM vocals up front with tripped out echoes in the background. Sick shit. The only way to really sum up this album is you need to hear it and make your own mind up....good luck!” Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

LP $17.50


KR 40 

Voice Of Saturn by Zoroaster


Voice Of Saturn

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Voice of Saturn, the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed release, Dog Magic, has arrived. Recorded at The Living Room in Atlanta (The Black Lips, Mastodon) with engineer ED RAWLS, Voice of Saturn pushes ZOROASTER’s heady mix of mammoth metal and psychotropic shoegaze to skyscraping new heights. From the galloping post-Sabbath rock of the roll out track “Spirit Molecule” to the concrete street cleaning of “Lamen of the Master Therion” and through to the tribal percussive vertebrae of the album’s “hidden” closer, Voice of Saturn administers in-the-red levels of both the band’s mysticism and barbarism in spades. The record features a guest appearance from friend and fellow Atlantean BRENT HINDS of MASTODON, who contributes a searing guitar solo to the song “White Dwarf.” Packaged in gatefold sleeves.

LP $15.50



Winter Tales by Amort


Winter Tales

***A despairing and hauntingly beautiful mix of Nortt vs. Corrupted. Features selections from the band’s cassettes, plus the track "Desert Of Ice," which exclusive to this release. Ambient black doom. Limited pressing of 500 copies.

LP $14.75


KR 32