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***A reissue of the 1997 Fantasma album from Japanese pop-noise savant CORNELIUS. Fantasma is Cornelius' creative and commercial breakthrough, a kaleidoscopic, genre-hopping joy ride through contemporary musical history that became Cornelius' first American release when it was reissued by Matador a year later. Long out of print, Lefse Records reissues Fantasma in a limited edition, remastered, deluxe 2xLP gatefold vinyl, complete with bonus tracks.

2XLP $28.85


LEFSE 0771 

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.5 rating from Pitchfork. ABSOLUTLEY FREE is a trio based in Toronto. The group formulates musical experiments based on instrumentation, compositional structure and other formal qualities ubiquitous to popular rock music. Following years of touring and releasing albums with defunct art punk band DD/MM/YYYY, the members of Absolutely Free set out to create a more hypnotic, patient music that integrates analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, Bollywood and Krautrock. Having released a series of well received singles, “UFO/Glass Tassel” (2012) and “On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting” (2013), Absolutely Free entered the studio with producer MIKE HALIECHUK (Fucked Up, Austra) and set out for an ambitious debut, melding elements of their favorite rock & contemporary records spanning the last several decades. While their singles served as brief introductions to their sound spectrum, Absolutely Free. is a proper introduction and perfect example of their ability to hone a diverse spectrum while maintaining a unified narrative. The result displays fragments of Phil Spector, Kraftwerk, Terry Riley, Gang of Four & modern neo-psychedelia. (STREET DATE - 10/14/2014)

LP $23.75

10/14/2014 767981147611 

LEFSE 068 

CD $14.25

10/14/2014 767981147628 


Young At Love And Life by Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs

Young At Love And Life

***The great West Coast calls to DOMINANT LEGS, and Dominant Legs, in turn, calls San Francisco home. RYAN LYNCH (GIRLS) began to write the glittering ballads and blurred out pop songs that, with the addition of HANNAH HUNT, make up Dominant Legs. Lynch had been honing the band's misty, nostalgic sound for awhile, experimenting with song writing as a kid and having spent the previous years playing guitar in another SF band. Hunt spent her childhood singing and performing; her eternal passion for music led her to dive back in after years of not performing. With Lynch on guitar and vocals, and Hunt on vocals and keys, Dominant Legs' sincere and dance-y pop songs tap into a sound that is at once naively sweet and self-consciously tragic.  

10" $12.25

09/14/2010 646315221015 

LEFSE 010 

CD $12.25

09/14/2010 646315221022 


Baby Style by Keepaway


Baby Style

***KEEPAWAY’s twisty triangle of MIKE BURAKOFF, FRANK LYON, and NICK NAUMAN have been swimming around the recesses of your imagination for awhile now; they found a lot of interesting stuff there, and they're squishing it together into some serious future pop. They're based in Brooklyn, where they daily hone their synthesis of big city booty beats, wall-wobbling psychedelia, and soul-bending hooks. Their sound lands them right between Black Dice and Lady Gaga. They recorded their debut EP, Baby Style, in Brooklyn. They went hard. The result is a trip down memory lane you haven't yet visited, an immersive take on their wicked live sound.

LP $12.25

05/25/2010 646315220711 

LEFSE 007 

***A GRAVE WITH NO NAME’s brittle yet fluid vision of music combines ethnic nostalgia, avant-garde interpretations of folk and sheer abstraction in a style which uniquely situates them in the current music scene. As evidenced by the tracks on Mountain Debris, their music slips easily through interpretation—too eccentric to be deemed as pop, too strange to be pigeonholed as rock, too odd and too beautiful all round, really—it instead has more in common with the true American mavericks of yore. The windswept opener "And We Parted Ways At Mt. Jade" sounds like Mark Linkous singing into a canyon for instance, while "Ghosts & Stones" calls to mind Daniel Johnston at his playfully melodic best. The second release on Lefse (Neon Indian).

CD $14.25

12/21/2009 646315220223