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Headlights USA by Gold Star

Gold Star

Headlights USA
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***Over the last decade, Marlon Rabenreither, known as Gold Star, has established himself as one of the most gifted cult songwriters of the underground Folk scene. On albums such as Big Blue, Rabenreither's lovelorn lyricism and languid melodic sensibility brought forth a weatherd strain of Americana that felt both timeless and uniquely his own. Catching the attention of numerous Indie music titans, Rabenreither has since collaborated and toured with artists the likes of Mazzy Star, Phoebe Bridgers, and the Black Lips. Headlights U.S.A. marks a monumental artistic evolution for our troubadour. Gone is the sparkling, Laurel-Canyon jangle of Big Blue. Alternatively, Rabenreither employs propulsive drum machine grooves, angular guitar passages, and beaming synthesizer textures to concoct a euphoric, New-Wave influenced soundscape.

LP $25.35



***During a year of separation and isolation, Cold Beat created a record about connection, loss, and hope called War Garden. The term "War Garden" is a reference to the self-sufficiency required by civilians during World War II to plant their own fruits and vegetables. The hopefulness of seeds sprouting and growing despite a conflict-laden backdrop provided Cold Beat with ample imagery and allegorical material.

LP $24.95

04/01/2022 859748609583 


***Eternamente is the perfect introduction to Hermanos Gutiérrez and their unique "Instrumental Western Sound". This collection features 12 selections spanning four albums, including songs; "Hijos del Sol," "El Jardin," "Esperanza" and many more. Packaged in a stunning gatefold jacket and meant to be passed with love to our next generations.

LP $33.85


HG 8290