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My Entire Life Is A Lie by Comfortable For You

Comfortable For You

My Entire Life Is A Lie
Loud + Clear

***A posthumous release from San Diego indie-punk combo COMFORTABLE FOR YOU, who broke up just prior to recording this EP.?! Produced by good friend BEN MOORE (Hot Snakes, RFTC, Finch), the record features six tracks of melodic, sap-free, punk and rock action for fans of Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, and the like..?!

CD $7.00

06/12/2006 616822018729 

LCR 010 CD 

Run Hide Retreat Surrender by Gnade, Adam

Gnade, Adam

Run Hide Retreat Surrender
Loud + Clear

***The latest from singer/songwriter ADAM GNADE is an alternately lurching and frenzied journey through the American identity crisis.?! A nine-track odyssey of anxiety, catatonic silence and healing, set ti a psych-folk tapestry of clanging tambourines, clattering drums, ambient piano, and Adam’s weary but ever-searching voice.?! For fans of Akron/Family, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, and Castanets..?!

CD $11.50

11/22/2005 616822023426 

LCR 011 CD 

San Diego Is Burning by V/a


San Diego Is Burning
Loud + Clear

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Loud And Clear Records presents a diverse union of San Diego bands including BLACK HEART PROCESSION, SLEEPING PEOPLE, LOWCLOUDCOVER, NO KNIFE, KILL ME TOMORROW, VIA SATELLITE, COMFORTABLE FOR YOU, RESOLVER, and more.?! Proceeds to benefit the San Diego Humane Society..?!

CD $5.60


LCR 005 CD