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Public Radio by Legends


Public Radio

In 2003 and 2004 The Legends received recognition around the world with their debut release Up Against The Legends. Public Radio, is bound to generate worldwide hype all over again. Echoing the sounds of ’80s indie-pop and upbeat Motown productions, Public Radio has a familiar feel yet sounds futuristic at the same time. The band mixes influences like New Order, Felt, The Feelies and The Cure with their own pop aesthetics to create something utterly wonderful and new.  Up until now, The Legends masqueraded as a nine-piece pop orchestra. That was the official story, anyway. The truth is that both Up Against The Legends and Public Radio were recorded, written, played and produced by arranger, studio wizard and one-man band Johann Angergård (Acid House Kings / Club 8), who explains, “When I start recording an album I have a very clear idea of what I want to do, and by doing everything myself the album comes out exactly the way I want it to. Involving other people might only blur the vision.” Recordhead has packaged this North American version of Public Radio with a bonus disc featuring eight remixes and B-sides, many exclusive to this release.

2XCD $12.00

08/01/2006 802685008827 

LUNA 88 

MP3 $9.90



Musical Family Tree Vol. 1 : Delicious Berries by V/a


Musical Family Tree Vol. 1 : Delicious Berries

The Indiana- based artists on this compilation are featured on, a site is dedicated to archiving original music by Indiana bands over the past twenty years. The songs are unreleased or soon to be released tracks by active bands. The website, started as a little project between a group of friends to document and share their music, has grown to over 200 bands and 4000-plus mp3s. All of them free for download.  Some of the bands on this comp are well known and have a large following, like Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos, who contributed an unreleased track from their The Dust of Retreat album sessions. Others have not yet gained the national spotlight they deserve. This comp serves as a good primer for anyone interested in Indiana’s exploding music scene.

CD $12.00

07/18/2006 802685110124 


MP3 $9.90



Any Day Ago by Sems, The

Sems, The

Any Day Ago

Lush, ethereal, and delicate are a few words used to describe 'Drift,' the first release by The Sems. In addition to those fleshy adjectives, I would love to offer up the following: crushing, sparkling, and driving - All which describe 'Any Day Ago,' the sophomore album by the Brooklyn-based group The Sems. Despite my poor word choice, The Sems are not a group, but essentially a one man band (though one would never know by listening). Head Sem, Pete Bogolub performed and recorded 'Any Day Ago' in his own Small Time Studio largely by himself. Once the basic recording process came to a close, Pete took a short trip (a matter a feet actually) to Scandalabra Studios where he and producer Mike Pecchio (Holopaw, XXXXX) spent weeks constructing, disassembling, and reassembling the album. During the writing process, Pete looked to the influences of his personal record stacks from the mid to late 80's to create a beautifully orchestrated barrage of sound. Elements of 'Psychocandy', 'Isn't Anything' and Psychedelic Furs tickle our ears to create an effortless listening experience that compels us to (once again) press play.  

CD $12.00

02/14/2006 802685833429 

Luna 83/ MWR034 

MP3 $9.90