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***The dark road traveled by FAXED HEAD since the early 1990s was long thought to have dead-ended ages ago—but with the torn-from-the-headlines appearance of the recent “Vaxxed Head” 7" single, hopes are rising in the scattered and shattered Headheads around the world. Raise the roof a little higher: Exhumed at Birth, the long-lost 1997 debut album, is now seeing its first-ever vinyl release. And the remastered tracks sound incredible. Faxed Head are a part of an almost-lost current of protest music from the underground of thirty years ago. They presented as a band with features entirely obscured from view by crudely-made costumes showcasing their (allegedly disfigured) heads. Their post-hardcore music exploded into adjacent permutations of aggressive metallic rock and dimestore musique concrète. When they played live, the spectacle of it all was as intense as the music and their insane backstory—which inspired enclaves of enraptured freaks around the planet to declare them most supreme. By the time Exhumed at Birth was delivered, though, their story was almost over. Between 1992 and 1997, the band released five singles (many on Gregg Turkington’s Amarillo Records, home to Neil Hamburger and Secret Chiefs 3) and played around the Bay Area and Japan, introducing their decidedly outre approach to DIY metal. Their aliases—NECK HEAD, LaBREA TAR PITS HEAD, MCPATRICK HEAD, GRAPH HEAD and FIFTH HEAD—alongside track titles like “Pantera Lines” and the road-rubber wordplay of the songs on the Tire EP—indicated that something was rotten in Denmark. Of course it was! And lots of...

LP $21.95

06/10/2022 781484490814 

MDP 008 

***Some legends take longer than others to become known. The process of handing down the myths takes time... some won’t see it come to fruition in their lifetime. But whenever you’re ready to know the tale of FREDERICK MICHAEL ST. JUDE, it’s all right here... the WHOLE story... so far! Almost Lost is the third archival release in recent years from the almost-barely known 70s–80s Florida pop phenomenon, Frederick Michael St. Jude. In 2013 his outrageous first album Here Am I was reissued, and in 2015, his infamous unreleased second one, the ambitious concept album Gang War, finally came to light. Now with Almost Lost, the whole story is almost told!

LP $19.95

05/05/2017 781484490616 

MDP 006 

***What happens when one of the top bands on the classic rock circuit decides to throw caution to the wind and reveal themselves as leaders of the underground “urine” scene? A HIT RECORD! Urinal Street Station by THE YELLOW RIVER BOYS is, at last, an album for those who believe that the human mouth smiles the most when it is being used as a makeshift urinal. Ten catchy, radio-friendly songs (in a musical style somewhere between Lynryd Skynryd and John Mellencamp) may not win over any converts to “OUR” lifestyle—but will certainly function as an enduring soundtrack to those who already partake. With the vocal support of “new music fans” TIM HEIDECKER and GREGG TURKINGTON, and with JAMES VALENTINE of MAROON 5 fulfilling the same role that Eric Clapton did on The Beatles’ million-selling White Album, you cannot go wrong stocking Urinal St. Station on your shelves. The golden yellow vinyl pressing has the potential to sell by the truckload not only to fans of classic rock ’n‘ roll, but to the growing demographic of those who like to recycle their urine through their own bladder, or over someone else. (STREET DATE - 12/17/2013)

LP $24.25

12/17/2013 781484490517