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Songs From The Cave by En Attendant Ana

En Attendant Ana

Songs From The Cave

***CHECK STOCK!!!  New album on Trouble In Mind comes out 4/6/2018.  Parisian quintet evoking the likes of Electrelane, Pram, and Stereolab infused with the indie pop spirit of '80s Scotland and captured in the glorious 4-track murk of early era Flying Nun. Their six (?) song debut, praised by such new music early adopters as Dusted & Social and Fuckin' Record Reviews, now appears on 45rpm 12" following its original cassette release on Buddy Records/Montagne Sacrée. Vinyl edition of 300.

12" $15.50


NOMI 024 

AVAILABLE AGAIN... New Pressing limited to 147 copies on opaque blue vinyl in reverse board jackets. With their four-track demo recorded in a friend's flat, Brighton's IRREPARABLES stripped away the excess of some 35 years of punk rock and found perfection in its most rudimentary elements. The ghosts of Ramones, Dead Moon, Wipers, The Cure, and The Shaggs remain. In an increasingly contrived world, reaffirmation is found in their simple, direct nature. Innocence and longing ("I Wanna Make a Fanzine," "Dear Mixtape," "Broken Sound") stand beside contempt and disgust ("Bendito sea Dios," "Spit on the Pope," "Release the Hounds," "Digested System"). These 10 songs make up the totality of Irreparables' recorded existence. Features members of CISMA, DESTRUCCION, FIRMEZA 10, OTAN, LAS TIMIDAS, and others. "If the Desperate Bicycles had mohawks, if the Vaselines wore studded jackets with Destrucción backpatches and sung about making fanzines instead of not being wanted by Jesus Christ, if some shitty indie-rock kids suddenly discovered the virtues of keeping things raw and not giving a fuck about musicianship, chances are the result would sound more or less like Irreparables, the current band I’ve blasted on repeat in 2012, sometimes up to five times a day, seven days a week. They only have one self-released demo tape out, and they probably imploded five minutes after releasing it, but shit do I love this tape. This is just what you need if you’ve been feeling a bit burned out and bored with punk – anthemic inept...

LP $16.35


NOMI 022 

MP3 $9.90

06/25/2013 655035032214 


***Smash five song EP from Vancouver's overnight sensations. Forget your dudely angst, these three ladies are full of the carefree charm that made the finest purveyors of the UK DIY and K Records pop movements so great. Initial pressing of 300. Includes download coupon.

7" $7.00

06/28/2011 655035032177 

NOMI 021 

MP3 $4.95

06/07/2011 655035032177 


***WOMANKIND are adults. Their mean friendship is 10.8 years. The five of them have been in numerous bands, separate and together. Womankind is meant to be their last band. This is their first record. Womankind at long last. Initial pressing of 300. Includes download coupon.

12" $14.00

06/14/2011 655035031415 

NOMI 014 

MP3 $3.96

05/24/2011 655035031415 


The third and final Summer 2009 single by Justin and the ladies. "Pigeon Park" is the lead vocal debut by Mildred. What is she doing hanging out with Vancouver's lost, strung out and soon to be relocated for Olympics beautification?

MP3 $1.98

06/01/2010 655035031170 

NOMI 011 

Tv Death And The Devil by Nu Sensae

Nu Sensae

Tv Death And The Devil

***NU SENSAE’s reputation for auditory violence is well-earned. Now muscle and melody have been added to the shrieking terror for an album that surpasses all expectations. Twelve songs for wiping your mind off of the wall. Debut full length LP following an appearance on the E/R compilation LP, a one-sided 12-inch on Isolated Now Waves, and a 7-inch on Critiscum Internationale—loved by Jigsaw Underground, Still Single, etc. The band just finished a West Coast tour with White Lung. Full US tour with Shearing Pinx in May / June, and Canadian tour with Ahna in August. Featured in the June 2010 issue of MRR. Initial pressing of 750 with 23"x31" poster printed at Hemlock Printing. Includes download coupon. Was named # 7 Best Punk Album of 2010 by Exclaim!

MP3 $9.90

05/18/2010 655035031316 


Practically Dead by Vapid


Practically Dead

***“Strike while the best served dish is cold." That's what they always say, right? Nearly two years after the Do The Earthquake 7-inch, VAPID prove it with their debut album. Rough and bittersweet, or just plain spiteful, pop songs with a couple steamrollers thrown in for good measure. The Go-Go's ditch the glossy production and record Too Tough To Die. Co-release with Deranged. Initial pressing of 1,022 (513 clear for Nominal, 509 black & white marble for Deranged). Includes download coupon for LP and debut 7-inch.

LP $15.00


NOMI 008 

Bottom Of The City by Defektors


Bottom Of The City

***DEFEKTORS’ debut LP mirrors the desperation of the times with a tougher sound than witnessed on their prior output. The extra instrumental touches of the singles have been stripped away in favor of a fevered attack and desolate howl. Neither melody nor fidelity are compromised by this stark approach. Hope derived from hopelessness. Exposed, raw, and alive.  Features members of VAPID, MODERN CREATURES, TERRORBIRD, and SEX CHURCH. A co-release with Grotesque Modern. Initial pressing of 1,034 copies with Stoughton tip-on jackets. Includes download coupon.   “More Vancouver punk, and not a moment too soon (nobody else is collectively as a city doing it right). Defektors feature members of some of the other locals in this vein (Vapid, Sex Church, Modern Creatures), and finally deliver on the promise of comp tracks and their single. As with the case of Mod Creatures, start with the full-length. Songs from this record have appeared in earlier versions, but the recording has given them a thin, fried sound that suits the reckless romanticism of tracks like “Doomsday Girl” the presence they require. For the most part, Defektors follows a wound-up, face-forward pedigree reaching from the Wipers to Agent Orange to the Observers. At once stonefaced and relentless, each of these nine songs tear themselves up with urgent style. “Burning Light” from the Emergency Room comp, is stretched out to “Youth of America” length and puts this band’s second phase into orbit. The whole thing is fun and frantic, and well worth your time...

MP3 $8.91

04/27/2010 655035030715 


Fresh from their US tour with Nü Sensae, the second of three summer singles by Justin and the ladies. The sound of growing up on punk, grunge and absurdism.

MP3 $1.98

10/01/2009 655035031071 

NOMI 010 

S/t [7inch] by B-lines


S/t [7inch]

***Spaz? Nerd? Punk? Yes, yes and yes. Six immediate songs inspired by the likes of Back From Samoa, Milo Goes To College and The Undertones. Sorry, you'll have to attend the live show to be verbally abused or bled on by them. Otherwise, seven minutes in heaven. Fresh from their early July West Coast tour with Le Face. Ex-members of FUN 100 and FUCK ME DEAD and some others they'd probably prefer weren’t mentioned. Initial pressing of 445 on white, or marbled vinyl. Includes download coupon.

7"+DOWNLOAD $5.60

08/17/2009 655035031279 

NOMI 012 

MP3 $5.94

08/17/2009 655035031279 


Rat Capacity by Random Cuts

Random Cuts

Rat Capacity

***JUSTIN GRADIN (MUTATORS, SEX NEGATIVES NONS, GROTESQUE MODERN, EMERGENCY ROOM) joins forces with MILDRED SMITH and ELANOR VAN HOUTEN for the years-in-the-making debut of RANDOM CUTS. Solid hooks are provided. Expectations of noise and no wave-isms are confounded. The first of three Random Cuts singles to be released on Nominal each month of the summer of 2009. US tour with Nu Sensae from late. Initial pressing of 515 on blue vinyl. Includes download coupon.

7"+DOWNLOAD $5.60

08/17/2009 655035030975 

NOMI 009 

MP3 $1.98

08/17/2009 655035030975