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***Following the release of The Woolen Men’s self-titled LP on Woodsist Records and Eyelids “Seagulls Into Submission” 7” on Off Records these bands bring their loose and frenetic approach to the proceedings. The results ended up being quite electric and transcendent. The Woolen Men scrape Mark E. Smith over the head with their version of The Fall’s “Psycho Mafia” while Eyelids lovingly churn the insides out of The Clean’s classic “Anything Could Happen.” Comes with very special packaging: a clear blue double sided flexi in a hand stamped and numbered box with particles of information, show fliers and a download card with 2 additional unreleased songs from the bands made exclusively for this release. Only 250 copies….

7 FLEXI $6.00

04/29/2014 655035009070 

OFF 990 

MP3 $3.96

04/29/2014 655035009070 


FLAC $4.99

04/29/2014 655035009070 


Beard Of Lightning by Phantom Tollbooth

Phantom Tollbooth

Beard Of Lightning
Off Records

In 2002, Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices wished aloud for a chance to sing for Phantom Tollbooth, one of his favorite bands. He refers to the idea as “the band that would have ruled the world.” The next thing anyone knew, the former members of Phantom Tollbooth revisited their 1988 swan song album Power Toy (four stars at AllMusicGuide), erased all the vocals, and presented it to Pollard, who then created new vocal melody lines and lyrics.   Named after a popular children’s book, Phantom Tollbooth was a strongly art-rock-influenced variation on the raging yet eclectic post-hardcore of Hüsker Dü and the Minutemen, incorporating quick tempo changes, noise experiments, and bits of jazz. The group was formed in 1984 in New York by guitarist Dave Rick — formerly of Yo La Tengo and a frequent collaborator with Bongwater, B.A.L.L., and King Missile — along with Gerald Smith and Jon Coats. The band put out three crazed records on Homestead before breaking up — like all good bands do — in 1988. 

LP $13.00


OFF 995lp 

CD $13.00

05/27/2003 751937226628 

OFF 995cd 

MP3 $9.90

05/27/2003 751937226628 


***After much coercion from his peers, reluctant genius CHARLIE CAMPBELL finally allows the world to hear the GOLDCARD recordings—about which a small, privileged group of awe-inspired fellow musicians have long whispered since the mid-'90s, and have come out of the woodwork to help complete this year. Brace yourself for recordings of the greatest band that never was. Recorded with members of GRANDADDY, QUASI, SLEATER-KINNEY, and POND, Mr. Campbell's knack for creating otherworldly, orchestral psych is truly unmatched. His unique guitar-playing technique (e.g. his use of multi-tracked slide above the bridge almost resembles a full blown orchestra) has been showcased in his previous band Pond (Sub-Pop) as well as his four compositions on the Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel compilation. Recalling The Grifters' perverse soul, the sad pop aspects of Sparklehorse and Grandaddy, an overall vibe of someone who's losing it à la Skip Spence, and happily in the shadow of the Pet Sounds legacy, Goldcard is truly a beautiful piece of work over which fans of mysterious, innovative pop music will drop to their knees, look upwards and thank the heavens the day these rare recordings were made available the public.  From Grandaddy: Jason Lytle - Vocals, piano, keyboards Jim Fairchild - Guitar, synth bass, keyboards, production Aaron Burtch - Drums, percussion, production / From Quasi: Sam Coomes - Vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, theremin, production / From Sleater-Kinney: Janet Weiss - Drums / From Pond: Chris Brady - Vocals, bass, production Dave Triebwasser - Drums  

CD $13.00

04/29/2003 751937224624 

OFF 996cd 

MP3 $0.00



***Anyone familiar with Sam Coomes - the mad scientist behind Quasi with an uncanny knack for creating twisted musical gems - will welcome his first solo effort, an album of cover versions of classic, early to mid-20th century blues songs by Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Skip James and Memphis Minnie, among others. Blues Goblins is performed in a rough, psychedelic and experimental blues-rock style, with a guest appearance by saxophonist Stanley Zappa. The music is loose, loud, sometimes frightening, but always passionate. Not unlike early Meat Puppets french-kissing Can while Lou Barlow watches and listens from the corner.  This is the first in a series of proposed Blues Goblins records (including a rumored take on a complete Beethoven symphony) that should give fans of Quasi's beautifully twisted musical vision a rare second helping. Blues Goblins have performed on the west coast and finished dates with Jonathan Richman. 

CD $13.00

03/04/2003 751937223122 

OFF 997cd 

MP3 $0.00



Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel - A Concept Album by V/a


Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel - A Concept Album
Off Records

***A concept album compilation with each contributing group relaying a chapter in the continuing saga of Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel—his allergy-released hallucinations, his out-in-the-world adventures, his role in the great underwater fire battle, and his ultimate demise. Includes exclusive songs written and recorded for this project from GUIDED BY VOICES (two tracks), STEPHEN MALKMUS, QUASI, MARY TIMONY, HOWE GELB, SENTRIDOH, MINUS 5, POSTER CHILDREN, GRANDADDY, BLACK HEART PROCESSION, MACHA, WEIRD WAR (IAN & MICHELLE of the MAKE UP and MINDERS), ANN MAGNUSON & DAVE RICK, and four incidental pieces by GOLDCARD (CHARLIE of POND). Packaged with a fold-out sleeve with full-color artwork from PETER BAGGE, JIM WOODRING, JOE SACCO, ADRIAN TOMINE, and KIM DEITSCH, plus liner notes by RICHARD MELTZER. Holy cow.

LP $9.50

03/27/2001 751937161615 

OFF 1000 

CD $9.50

03/27/2001 751937161622 

OFF 1000 CD 

MP3 $0.00