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Olde English Spelling Bee / Crinoline

***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! Received a 7.0 rating from Pitchfork. The color pink corresponds metaphysically with the 3rd cosmic ray, symbolizing divine love and gentleness. The expression of the pink ray acts as a means of communication by radio, telephone, and telegraph and accesses the power to travel to inner planes. The keys unlock this ability, and the keyhole represents the portal we pass through. Pink Keys is the 4th solo album from musician & visual artist ALICE COHEN. Using the idea of etheric keyholes as portals, the 11 songs act as keys; unlocking visions of different eras, places and dimensions of consciousness. The album showcases Cohen's versatility as a musician and songwriter by drawing from a wide range of influences including her roots in ‘70s Philly Soul/disco, ‘80s new wave, and cosmic electronic music. Pink Keys unfurls like a roll of old film, revealing scenes of mystical realms and utopian beachscapes, as well as tawdry street scenes, where neon hotel signs blink, and a magician’s silks flutter. The album was recorded over a span of nine months at her home in Brooklyn, and was mixed by CHRIS MOORE (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, TV on the Radio, Liars) at Headgear Studios. It features guest appearances from AUTRE NE VEUT and DANNY LANE (SOFA CLUB) on backing vocals, THOR HARRIS (SWANS, SMOG, SHEARWATER) on percussion, and SARA VILLARD (K-HOLES, BEZOAR) on saxophone. LP version includes a download.

LP $7.00


OESB 52 / CRIN 02 

CD $13.50

06/19/2012 616892059141 

OESB 52 / CRIN 02