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***BACK IN PRINT ON NEW CLEAR VINYL!!! Inspired by those classic ‘70s bootlegs, AL from OM wanted to capture the raw live feel of their 2013 European tour on vinyl. Housed in a plain white sleeve with a paste on wraparound cover, OM - Live harkens back to the days when you rifled through the back bins of your local record store searching for the latest “import” releases from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. We’ve kept that Trademark of Quality spirit with this release. Pressed on limited Acapulco Gold vinyl.

LP $19.95


OBR 11 

***BACK IN PRINT ON NEW CLEAR COLOR IN COLOR VINYL!!! Released as a companion album to our Shark Move reissue, MOONER update the heavy psych sounds of early '70s Indonesia while staying true to the roots of the original scene. Featuring members of THE SLAVE, THE SIGIT, SIGMUN AND SARASVATI, Mooner are a supergroup of the Indonesian heavy/hard rock scene. Tabiat is Mooner’s first full length and it’s a monster, 12 tracks of heavy psych with strong influences of Indian Raga and Middle Eastern touches thrown into a stoner rock stew. Pressed on a beautiful ivory colored vinyl, Tabiat is an extremely limited release, with just a few hundred copies being made available outside of Indonesia. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this LP!

LP $17.75

02/08/2019 888608668095 

OBR 00018 

***"Second full-length from Indonesian heavy psych superstars MOONER! The reaction to Tabiat, their debut LP, was incredible, we sold out within days of its release. O.M. continues in the same vein as Tabiat, melding heavy psych with traditional Indonesian melodies. Featuring members of THE SLAVE, THE SIGIT, SIGMUN and SARASVATI, Mooner are a supergroup of the Indonesian heavy psych scene, if you’re a fan of bands like Kikagaku Moyo then you’ll want to check them out! Pressed on half-and-half splatter vinyl.

LP $17.75

02/08/2019 193483196374 

OBR 00022 

Bug: Live At The 9:30 Club by Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.

Bug: Live At The 9:30 Club
Outer Battery

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! DINOSAUR JR perform Bug in its entirety at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC! Available on limited edition red vinyl, this is a beautiful recording, mastered exclusively for vinyl and featuring a MARQ SPUSTA (“Farm” “Several Shades of Why”) rendition of the original Bug cover art.

LP $21.25

02/01/2019 888608665216 

OBR 12 

Emerald Eyes by Petyr


Emerald Eyes
Outer Battery

***“New single from PETYR! This San Diego Psych band, fronted by pro skater RILEY HAWK, have been busy. Releasing their first LP in 2017, and their second LP less than a year later, their latest offering is 2 killer tracks, steeped in equal parts hard rock and skateboarding. 2018 saw the band tour Australia, take part in the San Diego take-over of the Roadburn Festival, and tour the west coast with Earthless. The video for Emerald Eyes was premiered by Revolver Magazine shortly before Christmas, and if this single is any indication then 2019 will be a big year for Petyr!”

7" $7.25

02/01/2019 193483167961 

OBR 00021 

***SHARK MOVE's Ghede Chokra’s is a slab of raging psych straight out of early '70s Indonesia! When the Suharto regime seized power in the late '60s in Indonesia they immediately began to crack down on the alternative culture, with only a brave few willing to rebel, and the leaders of this musical rebellion were Shark Move. Recording Ghede Chokra’s (translated from the Sanskrit as the Great Session) in 1973, Shark Move unleashed their psych masterpiece on the world on their own tiny label. From these small beginnings the Shark Move legacy grew exponentially, first within the Indonesian scene, and then around the world with the classic “Evil War’ featured on Now Again’s seminal Those Shocking Shaking Days compilation. Recognizing a killer riff when he hears one, Madlib lifted the track wholesale for his “City” single in 2013. With original copies of Ghede Chokra’s now trading hands for obscene money, and even the extremely limited Indonesian repress from a few years ago impossible to find, we decided it was time to step in and reissue this monster! Pressed on blue vinyl with white splatter, and housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, now is the time to get your hands on this classic release.

LP $17.75

11/10/2017 888608668101 

OBR 00019 

***Formed in 1978, SOGGY started with covers of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, MC5 and the Stooges but quickly began writing their own songs and developed a unique style, mixing hard rock and punk rock in a Stooges vein. In April of ’81 the Waiting for the War 7” was released and a video was shot for French TV. After more than 100 concerts the band split in July of 1982 but their cult status has only grown over the years. The French label Memoire Neuve released their record in an edition of just 500 copies and it is now long out of print. Original copies of that LP and the single are now in hot demand in collector circles, with original copies of the single selling for over $200. This release from Outer Battery is the full LP, including the tracks from the Waiting for the War single!  "France’s unstoppable monsters of mayhem put Motor City in your Motorhead. Face punching riffs, complete destruction, who the hell else could spit Iggy off the stage? They did in 1980. The power of Beb compels you."—Brian Turner/WFMU

LP $17.75

12/02/2016 888608666831 


***ARCTIC is a California power trio steeped in the roots of early '70s blues / psych, a la Blue cheer and Band of Gypsies, while drawing elements of modern heavy, reminiscent of early Sleep. Heavy, sludgy, stoner psych played with a slow, driving energy. The band features three pro skaters, JUSTIN "FIGGY" FIGUEROA on guitar, FRECKS on drums and DON "NUGE" NGUYEN on bass. Arctic is their first release but they have already been on several tours, tied in with their skating, which has brought them to Europe and South Africa as part of Thrasher's Skate Rock tour. Figgy also plays guitar in HARSH TOKE, Features incredible cover art from ARIK ROPER, the man behind Sleep's Dopesmoker, High On Fire and many more. For fans of Earthless, Harsh Toke, Sleep and Jimi Hendrix.

LP $17.75

07/01/2016 888608666473 

OBR 00015 

***Before Neon Golden there was the groundbreaking Shrink, and before Shrink there was 12. Originally released in 1995, 12 was an adventurous double LP and was THE NOTWIST's transition record between their earlier punk days and their later electronica. Influenced by the likes of Dinosaur Jr and Built to Spill, 12 was an indie rock classic that has been out of print on vinyl since the late 90’s. With original copies now trading for upwards of $100, Outer Battery is very excited to be releasing this double LP in North America.

2XLP $20.95

01/22/2016 888608666275 

OBR 00014 

BACK IN PRINT ON NEW RED VINYL!!! With a thriving solo career and a busy touring schedule with DINOSAUR JR, one would think that J MASCIS has enough on his plate musically, but when he gets back home to Western Massachusetts the first thing he likes to do is head down to his home studio, grab the guitar, stomp on the muff pedal and wail! Rounding up longtime friends JOHNNY PANCAKE and PETE COUGAR, a rhythm section cloaked in mystery, J decided to put together a full album of screaming tunes under the name HEAVY BLANKET. Features six of the most intense, wailing guitar tracks you have ever heard come from J’s Jazzmaster. Ever wonder what Band of Gypsies would sound like if you mixed it up with Japanese Hard Psych and smoked it through a giant power bong? Well now you know. Artwork by SAVAGE PENCIL.

LP $17.75

09/18/2015 885686930939 

OBR 1 

BACK IN PRINT ON NEW RAINBOW SPLATTER VINYL!!!After an impromptu heavy psych jam at SXSW left the crowd stunned and breathless, J MASCIS (DINOSAUR JR.) and EARTHLESS were asked to play the main stage of the Roadburn Festival in Holland. When Earthless guitarist ISAIAH MITCHELL had to back out at the last minute due to other commitments, GRAHAM CLISE from HEAVY BLANKET (who also plays with J in WITCH) stepped in on second guitar. Backed by the best rhythm section out there—MARIO RUBALCABA and MIKE EGINTON from Earthless—we are left with an incredible one-time happening, almost a full hour of some of the most mind bending heavy psych imaginable. With absolutely insane artwork from TIM LEHI, In a Dutch Haze is a lavish double LP with a gatefold sleeve, pressed on limited edition color vinyl.

2XLP $23.95

07/15/2014 885686932452 

OBR 10