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“The new Bob” is a phrase often heard from fans of Robert Pollard. As in, “Have you heard the new Bob?” It usually refers to the latest project that Pollard has recorded and released. But in this case “the new Bob” has a new meaning. Prom Is Coming is Pollard’s new label (replacing the Fading Captain Series) but not his deal with Merge.  Silverfish Trivia finds Pollard once again in the studio with producer and musical partner Todd Tobias. The results sound different from anything they’ve done before. A mini-LP — seven songs in twenty-two minutes — Silverfish Trivia is lush with the beautiful string arrangements courtesy of Chris George of NYC-based string quartet Invert.   Powered by tracks like “Circle Saw Boys Club” and “Cats Love A Parade,” and overflowing with lyrical imagery equal to Pollard’s greatest works, Silverfish Trivia is destined to become another Pollard classic. So there you have it, the first release on Robert Pollard’s new label, Prom Is Coming. It’s called Silverfish Trivia... you know, the new Bob.

LP $9.75

04/24/2007 656605803012 


CD $9.50

04/24/2007 656605803029 


MP3 $6.93

04/24/2007 656605803029