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Kontroversial Kovers by V/a


Kontroversial Kovers

BACK IN STOCK - LAST COPIES - NOTE NEW LOWER PRICE!!! A collection of thirty-two 1960s mod, garage, and freakbeat bands covering The Kinks. By the end of the 1960s The Kinks had clearly inspired a veritable army of artists who for one reason or another felt the need to put their stamp on a Davies composition. Often times deciding to do so over releasing even their own material in the belief that Ray and Dave, speaking through them, could convey their feelings and the feelings of the day better than their own words ever could. Others just wanted to cash in on a known hit making songwriter. Both camps are heavily featured here and it’s usually pretty obvious which was their respective persuasion. Both takes end up being fascinating however, as you are able to hear the respective artists try to decide where they were going to take what were usually well fleshed out compositions. Few exceed the energy of the Kinks’ performances of these masterpieces, but everyone here put their own interesting stamp on their favorite track and there are many unexpected takes that will interest the casual and hardcore fan alike. Davies’ original compositions still feel as fresh as the day they met the world, but many of the versions heard here have been, until now, very hard to locate, even if you knew of their existence. There is no shortage of fuzz guitars, organs, reverbed out vocals, larger than life drumming, foreign accents, and sixties studio...

2XLP $25.25


KK 2013