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On April 7th 2017, Guided by Voices released August By Cake, a double album. For anyone who knows the band this isn’t necessarily a newsworthy event. The band and its leader are extremely prolific and release multiple albums every year. What made this one special, what made it historic, was that it marked the 100th studio album release for Robert Pollard. It is arguable as to whether any other artist has released that much music. What we know for sure is that no other artist has released 100 studio albums with every one of them on vinyl. This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 albums. Less a testament to Pollard’s extensive career and more a study in album art, the book is a large format (12” x 12”) hard cover document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge.

BK $49.75

06/30/2017 9780692833704 

ROCK 011 

Devil Went Home And Puked by Pollard, Robert

Pollard, Robert

Devil Went Home And Puked

***Straight from the personal archives of ROBERT POLLARD, The Devil Went Home and Puked is a video collage made up of live footage from nearly every era of GUIDED BY VOICES and Robert Pollard tours (1994 to the present) and early GBV studio footage. This DVD also contains nine hard to find full length videos from GBV and Pollard projects, including “Circle Saw Boys Club,” “Winston's Atomic Bird,” “I-Razors,” “Get Me Extra” and more.

DVD $14.25

11/17/2009 760137490296 

MVDV 4902