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***“The punk attention span is shorter than ever in 2020 and there’s barely time to keep your eyes on the road, much less look backwards, but recordings from two of Sacramento’s unheralded twenty-teen giants will stop you dead in your tracks. CROSS CLASS drop ten tracks in nine minutes—frustration on the lyric sheet manifests as erratic start/stop riffs, exploding into primal DBeats that last just long enough to set you up so they can break you back down with devastating abandon(ment). If Cross Class are the destruction, on the flip RAD celebrate all that remains. If you were lucky enough to see them live, then you know that Rad play for Rad (listen to LORY scream 'I’m not here to make friends!')—and they are playing whether you like it (or them) or not. Still one of the greatest and most inspiring live bands I have ever seen, cramming more honest intensity and mosh parts into criminally short light speed fastcore. Both bands are finished—Cross Class went to school and moved away, while Rad morphed into SICK BURN—but the records remain, and a healthy hail to Sacramento (the city and the label) for making sure that these sounds made it to the rest of us.”—Robert Collins

LP $19.50


SAC 034 

The Weird And Wonderful World Of The Globs by Globs, The

Globs, The

The Weird And Wonderful World Of The Globs

***According to Oxford, a glob is “a lump of a semiliquid substance.” The word is a fusion of blob and gob, a “lump of slime.” According to Sacramento, a glob is one of one of six GLOBS, a spirited punk rock & roll band that references the cult pop of THE BANANAS and the theatric roots rock that is Bruce Springsteen. The Globs sprang from the mind of MIKE R. MIKE—also the mouth behind The Bananas. Mike wanted a “punk E Street Band,” so he went about drawing from Sacramento’s always incestuous music scene. First, he tapped CHARLES ALBRIGHT, man of many bands (RAD, Charles Albright Band, etc.), and CHRISTINE SHELLEY (KNOCK KNOCK, PIZZAS). Christine got her dad, NICK SHELLEY, to play piano and sax. The Globs grew to include CRAIG (RAD, SICK BURN) and JESSICA (DANGER, INC.). Three years in the making, The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs is twelve tight songs of infectious rock & roll—a punk edge, pop sensibilities, and that swooning feeling that makes you want to singalong. Like the best of today’s rock & roll, the Globs have many reference points—intentional or not—The Raspberries, X, Beach Boys, Rezillos, Polyphonic Spree, and so on. Push a movie like the Breakfast Club into the 21st Century and The Globs are your Simple Minds, albeit a bit more knockabout and that’s all for the better.

LP $14.75


SAC 035 

Everything Went Charles Albright by Albright, Charles

Albright, Charles

Everything Went Charles Albright

***Everything Went Charles Albright is CHARLES ALBRIGHT’s first official full-length album and first release in over two years. An awkward 12-song blend of Blue Cheer guitar, Hawkwind, gender politics, Black Flag worship and megalomania. Charles can’t seem to get over himself and tries in vain to remain relevant. Taking swipes at gentrification, millennial self-obsession and his own loneliness and self-pity. A psychedelic Minor Threat masquerading as obsession and mental illness. Charles has taken a deiced more punk approach to on this release and just like his previous effort, Charles Albright / Xants Split LP, features a full band of people that are not Charles Albright: ADAM JENNINGS (CHRCH, ex-TOMHANX, LITTLE TENTS), PATRICK SHELLEY (UNION HEARTS, BOY ROMEO), RONALD JAMES HILL (ANIME ALIENS) and AUDREY MOTZER (THE GLOBS, Little Tents). Limited edition of 250 copies.

LP $21.95


SAC 028 

I Wanna Talk To You by Nacho Business

Nacho Business

I Wanna Talk To You

***NACHO BUSINESS is CANDICE ADAMS (MILHOUSE USA, KNIGHTMARES, READYMADES) on bass, HEATHER CROCKER (RIFF RANDALS) on guitar and ALEC ROBERTS (Knightmares, THE FEELING) on drums. They played their first show in 2009 and their second a year later in 2010. They are sorry about that. The Bizz is back! “I Wanna Talk To You” is Nacho Business’s follow up to their one-sided smash debut EP Spend the Night. Three songs (two sides this time) of apologetic pop madness that make you feel better about feeling bad. If Tiger Trap covered Henry’s Dress, they’d be bummed because Nacho Business would have beat them to it. Limited to 250 copies.

7" $6.30


SAC 023 

First Four Years: Singles Collection by Albright, Charles

Albright, Charles

First Four Years: Singles Collection

***CHARLES ALBRIGHT has been a fixture in Sacramento's underground punk scene for over a decade. Chances are the only band of Charles' that you've heard is THE PIZZAS, but he has been in a ton of them. This cassette features his various singles released on labels like S.S. and Permanent. No bullshit psych punk that still lurks in the garage and has great over-blown guitar that sounds like young Charles has soaked up plenty Leigh Stephens and Greg Ginn, which he has.

MC $5.40


SAC 017 

Live On Kdvs by Rad


Live On Kdvs

***Sacramento, Calfiornia-based female-fronted Killed By Death style hardcore action captured live on KDVS radio. Includes a handful of bonus tracks to add to the fun.

MC $5.40


SAC 021 

Brain Dead Airhead by Croissants


Brain Dead Airhead

***A blast of blown out, hooky garage punk from THE CROISSANTS! Limited edition of 300 copies.

7" $4.50


SAC 014