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Hurley, Michael / Mccombs, Cass by Mccombs, Cass / Hurley, Michael

Mccombs, Cass / Hurley, Michael

Hurley, Michael / Mccombs, Cass
Secret Seven

***New recordings from Mr. McCombs and Mr. Hurley. Cass' song, “Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log,” is a previously unreleaesd song exclusive to this record. Michael Hurley contributes a previously unreleased solo version of his song, “Mabel Green.” Full color picture sleeve painted by Michael. One time limited pressing.

7" $7.25


SEC 7 014 

In A Cloud  II - New Sounds From San Francisco by V/a


In A Cloud II - New Sounds From San Francisco
Secret Seven

***BACK IN STOCK AT A NEW LOWER PRICE!!! The second volume in Secret Seven’s excellent In A Cloud series featuring previously unreleased tracks from the cream of the San Francisco scene. You get thirteen previously unreleased cuts from TY SEGALL, VETIVER, TIM COHEN, KELLEY STOLTZ (FRESH & ONLYS), CHUCK PROPHET, WILL SPROTT (MUMLERS), HANNAH LEW (GRASS WIDOW), PAULA FRAZER, BAD BACKS (ANDREW of TRAINWRECK RIDERS), PAPERCUTS, LUCKY EYES, SONNY & THE SUNSETS, and WYMOND MILES (FRESH & ONLYS). Edition of 650 copies. 

LP $10.50


SEC 7 012 

***A new album from SONNY SMITH, performed without THE SUNSETS, but with guests NEKO CASE, EDITH FROST, MARK EITZEL, RICO BELL, JOLIE HOLLAND, ANDY CABIC, JOHN DWYER, and others. “The songs on One Act Plays started out as real one act plays written for the theater. But in writing them I began to make them songs at some point. I can’t remember when this mysterious shift happened. However, ultimately the plays as songs were performed on stage in a play called The Dangerous Stranger, so somehow it came full circle. The Dangerous Stranger was supposed to be about reality being the dangerous intruder of fantasy, and fantasy being a dangerous intruder to reality. I can't remember if the play was successful at conveying this idea at all. That was the kinda stuff on my mind at the time I guess. I had a few influences at the time I was writing them. One was Terry Allen's Juarez, a concept record with recurring characters. Also I was really into Sam Shepard at the same time so I was reading a lot of his stuff. A few of the songs, like 'Eddie and Rita' even have some stage directions lifted directly from one of his plays. The song 'Following Father' took a bunch of facts from my dad's cousin, a Texan who always had some get rich quick scheme that never lasted. I was trying to make some kind of Tennessee Williams like thing apparently. Epic! Large! Family! Redemption! Well, anyway, most...

LP $14.75


SEC 7 011 

In A Cloud - New Sounds From San Francisco by V/a


In A Cloud - New Sounds From San Francisco
Secret Seven

***REISSUED ON CD!!! In A Cloud is a collection of fourteen previously unreleased songs from many of San Francisco’s greatest contemporary artists including: THEE OH SEES, SONNY & THE SUNSETS, FRESH & ONLYS, HANNAH & RAVEN (of GRASS WIDOW), JACQUES BUTTERS, TY SEGALL, SANDWITCHES, EXRAY’S DONOVAN QUINN & THE 13TH MONTH, TRAINWRECK RIDERS, DYLAN SHEARER, PAULA FRAZER, TIM COHEN and KELLEY STOLTZ. Limited edition CD pressing housed in simple card stock jackets. Mastered by PAUL OLDHAM.

LP $13.50


SEC 7 005 

CD $9.25

03/29/2011 633914027629 

SEC 7 005 CD