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I Spent The Summer With... by Larchmont Trash

Larchmont Trash

I Spent The Summer With...

***THE LARCHMONT TRASH are a lo-fi, garage-punk wreck consisting of two guitars and drums. They write short, quick volleys about girls, animals, sex toys and former Olympic venues. A recent review of their 10-inch record by Hardcore Norfolk says it all: “The LT shank all things shitty with a blooz-punk scuzz that law-abiding citizens might have trouble adopting." Their debut takes off like a jet-plane with 8 sonic booms, culminating in a kamikaze on the beach destroying you and your girlfriend.” Includes a download.  

10" $9.25



Know Touching by Sore Eros

Sore Eros

Know Touching

***With Know Touching, SORE EROS have crafted a record that is simultaneously dense and soothingly melodic, fulfilling the considerable promise of their debut, 2009’s Second Chants. For this record, the band (ROBERT ROBINSON and ADAM LANGELLOTTI) made a conscious departure from its debut, recording the album direct to a 1/2-inch 8 track reel-to-reel without the aid of computers. From this the band emerged with a record that blooms with melody and innocent joy that bring to mind such similarly spaced out artists as Atlas Sound and Kurt Vile. When patched together, this detailed attention to arrangement and dreamy melodic sensibilities combine to make Know Touching an effortlessly beautiful record. 

LP $17.50



***Thicker Milk is the new sprawling, twenty-one song opus which finds the band, since the release of their self-titled debut in 2008, expanding in every possible way. Now a formidable five piece, the band’s exploratory psych-surf nuggets are bigger, bolder, more aggressive, and occasionally darker than before. The riffs are instantly memorable, the melodies blissfully sloppy and the psych expertly concentrated. Think Captain Beefheart, Guided By Voices, Kinks and 13th Floor Elevators whizzed up in a heady audio cocktail of pop goodness. Recorded over the past two years by the band across various locations, Thicker Milk is a record that dips its toes in psych, punk, surf, pop and points in-between without ever sounding nostalgic or dated. Over the course of twenty-one tracks in thirty-five minutes, the band whittle their precision riffs and ethereal harmonies down to perfect pockets of sound.

LP $15.50