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Cotton Crown / Pch by Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth

Cotton Crown / Pch
Sonic Death

"Originally released as a 7" in 1993, these tracks were recorded live at London's Town & Country back in 1987. 'Cotton Crown' stars off with a sprightly old orchestral recording being played back, only for a few shards of discordant guitar to crowd into the mix, making way for a great slice of plodding SY pop-sludge that erupts into a superior noise workout about two-thirds of the way in. 'PCH' is markedly more abrasive from the outset, full of nerve-jangling chords and a howling Kim G vocal line. At one point the track stabilises into a sweet slow jam, making like a noise-rock 'Freebird'."--Boomkat

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Live At The Continental Club, Texas 1986 by Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth

Live At The Continental Club, Texas 1986
Sonic Death

This was the first live show of the songs from EVOL, at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas. The next day we would sputter through a set for New Music America in Houston, outdoors like a sideshow act on some sort of weird float, our music vanishing amongst the tall ugly bldgs downtown, in broad daylight. This night, however, things felt pretty good, despite borrowed amps+ drums (thanks to Furniture) and a set of (almost) all new songs-untried, stepping off the cliff. Our future soundman Terry Pearson was part owner of the Continental at the time, and he did the house sound for this and hundreds of other gigs there. The original cassette recording was made by Austin film-maker Bill Daniels; Wharton Tiers transferred it to digital.

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02/14/1999 787996800226 

Sonic Death 1302 

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