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Bells Of - 00/85 by Bells Of

Bells Of

Bells Of - 00/85
The MoveSounds

***1985 was a transitional period for the Washington DC music scene. Founding members of the hardcore movement pulled away from its original trajectory in search of a new musical direction. Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Gray Matter are all well-known and well-documented examples of this time and shift that came to be known as Revolution Summer. But theirs were not the only voices. In the early months of 1985, 17-year-old guitarist LAWRENCE MCDONALD set out to form a new band. His ex-bandmates from his previous hardcore band CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Punishment were doing the same—Mike Fellows with Rites of Spring and Colin Sears with Dag Nasty. Lawrence found vocalist ALEC MACKAYE (FAITH), drummer PETE WILBORNE (THE 400), and bassist BLEU KOPPERI and BELLS OF was born. Inspired by the budding movement of the time, the band moved quickly. By summer they began their first recording at Inner Ear Studio with DON ZIENTARA, and on August 11, 1985, Bells Of played their first show, opening for Rites of Spring and Embrace. Unfortunately, Alec departed soon after, leaving the recording without vocals and the band without a vocalist.  Not wanting to lose momentum, and having written all the lyrics anyway, Lawrence returned to Inner Ear to sing his songs for the first time. He pulled fellow skater JASON FARRELL into the band as second guitar to help in a live setting while Lawrence transitioned to lead vocals and guitar. On October 25, 1985, Bells of played their second show, again with Rites...

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TMS 003