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Enamorado De La Muerte Juvenile by Sudor


Enamorado De La Muerte Juvenile
Todo Destruido

***SUDOR are back with their second full length, 10 new tracks inspired by Discharge, RIP and the whole Scandinavian 80s punk. They don´t need more than 14 minutes to prove one more time that they are the best and most active Spanish band, playing mostly all the weekends and touring the States and Europe every year. Already played at Chaos in Texas with the most success you can imagine. All their previous releases are absolutely sold out so act fast or cry later. Just play this album and count how many times they use the word “shit”!

LP $14.50


TD 028 

***From the ashes of PERSEVERE comes a new band from Hiroshima, Japan, ESPERANZA. This 7" is a reissue of a mini-CD that was originally released on Insane World Records (Japan). We loved at at first listen and knew this was something Todo Destruido wanted to release. Esperanza play raw pogo punk in the way that only the Japanese can do it. Very catchy, energetic, and fun. For fans of bands like Laukaus, Last Survivors and Persevere. Limited to 500 copies, pocket sleeve. Don't miss out on this one!

7" $7.25


TD 025 

Punk Til Destruction '88-89 by Tragiedia


Punk Til Destruction '88-89
Todo Destruido

***Punk Til Destruction chronicles TRAGIEDIA's two demos from 1988 and 1989 that were never officially released, just passed around through tape trading circles and some select tracks more recently released as a split tape with PSI by Malarie Records. You might recognize some of their songs from Post Regiment's Tragedia LP. Tragiedia was a late '80s polish band that played raw HC/punk with anger and fury. For fans of Siekiera (1984), TZN Xenna, etc. Mastered by SMOKU of Post Regiment.

LP $15.50


TD 026