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A master of abstract musical storytelling, Sugai Ken follows a string of outstanding LPs for RVNG Intl, Lullabies For Insomniacs and EM Records with 8 detailed scenes of intrigue and psychedelic potential for Italy’s Yerevan tapes.  From reverberant, filmic percussion to bestial jazz, lysergically warped vocals and the mating sounds of alien animalicula, the sound ecology and logic of -yOrUkOrU- describes a strange place where industrial and natural sounds merge in the ether with traditional, local Japanese sounds to form an airborne dramaturgy whose purpose or meaning will apply differently to each and every user.  With location recordings fed thru advanced, ancient, alien electronics like Autechre producing something for the nonsuch explorer series, this is perhaps the best from Sugai Ken to date - properly essential gear.

MP3 $6.99

06/22/2018 5060165484263 


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06/22/2018 5060165484263 


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10/20/2017 5060165483365 


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10/20/2017 5060165483365