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A Tower To The Stars

A Tuesday night at the local rock club. I sat down to grab a beer and zone out as I'm wont to do. Bands start playing. As is often the case, most suck, but the first of four piqued my ears. I got up from my seat and went in to watch and was floored. Never saw the band before. Never so much as recognized anybody on stage, but man oh man, did they leave an impression. The name of the band was Uhm. I walked up to the drummer after they played and asked if they had anything for sale. Even a stupid rinky-dink cassette. Nothing. Very hastily, I suggested the Improvement Movement mobile recording unit come and record them at one of their houses in Lakewood, Georgia. Schedules were aligned and the band set up in the dining room of their drummer and they recorded six songs in three hours. Wow! Since that recording session, the band shelved their old moniker in favor of more appealing A Tower To The Stars. Two separate singles are being offered, but both come with the exact same jams for download, so don't feel cheated. RIYL: Early Spiritualized, Swervedriver, Ride, Explosions in the Sky, proto-shoegaze

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